Of the 5 companies listed on change orders, 4 of them were affiliated with Ferguson's company. 

Asking to extend Mercado's employment until the end of Kwame's term in office.

11:37AM Kwame's lawyer Jim Thomas cross-examines the witness. 

Looking at text exchange between Ferguson and Kwame on October 30th 2002 about meeting with Soave. Thomas saying this message doesn't establish that there was an actual meeting with Soave. And that even if there was a meeting, we don't know what was discussed. 

The witness says she knows what was discussed. Thomas says that would be hearsay 

And now onto the text message between Kwame and Ferguson on November 4th 2002. 

Mayor: I'll call you later about Graimark. i know you met today. its fucked but i'm with george now. I'll explain later! 

Graimark is a housing development under Archer. George refers to George Jackson at the time the head of the Detroit Economic Growth Corp. 

Ferguson: i meet with them. I cool you know I don't cry for shit that dont help both of us. I didn't push the % issue I turn in busget #s for sitework. what we need to talk about is fucking soave.

Mayor: Yeah. i'll holla later about that. 

Thomas dissecting meaning of text messages introduced by the government and implying that the witness is interpreting them to mean something they might not. 

Now onto the email from September 2nd 2004 from Eugenia Blake reminding mayor about his meeting with Kathleen McCann. Thomas saying that the former mayor might have good reason to meet with McCann. 

Apparently sinkhole disaster going on at this time, the main serviced a huge part of Macomb County. This is a sewer that is not flowing properly. 

Thomas saying that the former mayor had gone out to the sinkhole site prior to the September 2nd date and that there were press conferences between him and mayor of Sterling Heights having to do with response to the disaster. Thomas saying mayor Kilpatrick was praised for his response to the sinkhole disaster. 

Witness says she knows that as special administrator the former mayor had the power to authorize contracts. 

Thomas reiterating that that the contract process has many steps before the contracts are actually awarded. Thomas says that sometimes special administartor needed to intercede in a cumbersome process. Thomas saying there is no greater emergency than when a sewer is spilling out into neighborhoods. 

Thomas listing contracts 1368, 1361, 1325, 2014, 2015, 864, 865 as all going through normal channels. Amendments to 1368 and granting of pilot contract 2012 with amendments to east side and west side contracts were the only ones that special administrator orders were used for. 

12:00PM Looking at the sinkhole aerial shots.

12:01PM In an earlier text exchange from September 2nd 2004, Ferguson mentioned to Kwame that there were "only 2 negros up here, up in here." It was a meeting about the sinkhole. Thomas says this points to the fact that Ferguson was concerned about the lack of minority participation on the contract. This was at the top of the same exchange where Ferguson said that "Kathleen bitch tried to punk me out." "Kathleen bitch" is Kathleen McCann, former executive with Soave Enterprises.


Thomas saying that Kilpatrick started out with 20,000 employees that went doen to 15,000 after re-election so he was dealing with lots of people. Thomas says so sometimes when Ferguson was communicating with Kwame there were lots of deferrals like "LOL" or "holla at you later" with no records of later follow ups.


Looking at calendar entry from September 1st 2004 for the mayor about meeting with mayor at Sterling Heights. Thomas comparing Kwame's response to the sinkhole disaster to President Bush's response to Katrina. Says Kwame was 4 days faster than Bush.


Looking at Kwame and Bobby exchange from September 1st 2004 where Kwame is telling Ferguson to get on the Sterling Heights job. Thomas saying do you find it unusual for Ferguson to talk to Mercado about sinkhole? Paszkewicz says yes she does.