Thomas says but doesn't Mercado have an emergency situation where spill water was spilling all over Sterling Heights. Witness agrees. Thomas says wouldn't Mercado talk to the mayor about this? Witness agrees with that. Thomas says and for the former mayor to talk to Ferguson? The witness concedes that in a friendship capacity, yes.


Thomas asks if Soave looks like the kind of guy who text messages people? "I don't know, he might," says the witness.


Government objects that Thomas is giving a speech. Judge sustains.


Thomas saying that text messages are not complete. Witness says that the text exchange in question from September 1st 2004 is complete so there are some personal comments like where Ferguson talks about riding his bike.


At the end of the exchange that day:

Kwame: Come to my ofc at 7


Ferguson: Still come to yours at 5:30


Kwame: You kill me that Bullshit!


Thomas asks if that is response to riding motorcycle or what has been said in the last 40 minutes of exchange.


Kwame: No cancel that!


Thomas asks if witness knows what cancel that means. She does not.


Ferguson: You only fucking boss i have besides cookie. i need to listen to someone don't you think.


Cookie refers to Marilyn Johnson, Ferguson's wife.