Kwame: I hear you.


Now there is a large gap of 3 hours. Thomas saying he is illustrating that there could have been other conversations whether by phone or in person between exchanges. 

Thomas says there are many different conclusions that can be drawn from the text exchanges. Witness agrees she can't determine what all the exchanges mean. 

12:25PM Witness says that an analyst at FBI put together the record of cell phone exchanges between Mercado and Ferguson. This is to identify sum total of cell communications between them. Thomas says but both men had home and office phones as well. Paszkewiecz agrees. 

Looking at text exchange from September 7th 2004 where Kwame is asking about Gino D'Agostino. D'Agostino's was headquartered in Macomb County and not Detroit. In the message chain, Ferguson seems to be concerned with work parity with D'Agostini. Looks like Ferguson is being to asked to work for D'Agostini in the exchange. 

Mayor's calendar from Tuesday, September 7th, 2004. Thomas going through all the mayor's meetings including a 1pm with Brooks Paterson, an Oakland County executive. Thomas says couldn't sinkhole project be related to water coming from Oakland County. Witness says she doesn't know. 

Witness says executive agencies reporting to mayor are all those listed on organizational chart. Thomas says City Council has a long history of having arm's length relationship with mayor. Witness asks him to clarify. Witness says that City council can hold on to a contract that has been sent on approval. She also agrees that City Council and Detroit mayor don't tend to have harmonious relationship based on what she has seen in the media. 

12:40PM Witness agrees with Thomas that the mayor can delegate responsibilities to the deputy mayor. And that the mayor might delegate various agencies to other of his top people. 

Thomas saying that the special administrator order under Judge Feikens didn't require the mayor to go through city council but he did anyways. 

Thomas asking if some of the other contractors we have been talking about like DLZ had relationships with members of the DWSD. Thomas talking about ethnic relationships. "I don't know about ethnic relationships," says the witness. Thomas says DLZ had Indian connections. 

Government objects. The judge agrees she has no idea what an "ethnic" relationship is and asks Thomas to move along. 

Talking about Bernard Parker, who was a business developer looking for work for his employers. Witness says Parker was used to seek information about contracts coming up. Witness says it was coming that people would talk about what was coming up or what issues might be in existence. 

Thomas brings up amendment #4 to DWSD contract 1368. There are records that indicate that this was related to sinkhole says witness. Thomas points out that there were numerous sign offs on the amendment by different departments. Thomas says rumor had it that Kilpatrick was holding on to the contract. Witness says that rumor came from Derrick Miller who expressed it in communications and in an interview with her. 

Final sign off by city council on amendment #4 was April 19th 2006. 

12:55PM Thomas says this is a good place to stop. Judge agrees and dismisses the jury.

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