"Not on that page," says Beeckman. 

10:27AM 20 minute break. 

10:50AM Rataj brings up another text message introduced yesterday between Ferguson and Kwame on October 1st 2003. 

Beeckman says this is the same day as letter from Cruickshank. 

Ferguson: If gary torgo calls about meah not calling him back its because of him not paying fei for the parking garage. 

Mayor: Cool. How much does he owe: 

Ferguson: Its his team they are disputing 57,0000.00 for work we performed on mack and woodward. typical white folk shit. when we talk i tell what walbridges... 

Rataj says Torgo is a private developer who has nothing to do with Baby Creek. Beeckman agrees. 

Rataj says didn't you interview Torgo on December 18th 2012. Beeckman asks to see the form to refresh his memory. Looks at it and agrees. 

"Where you trying to mislead the jury," asks Rataj about using the text to correlate it with Baby Creek. 

Beeckman says no he is not trying to mislead jury. There is a portion of the text that refers to Walbridge. 

Another jury question about the spelling of Amru Meah. 

Rataj says he had some government notes on Torgo to determine if Walbridge was involved with the parking garage. 

Beeckman says he interviewed Torgo via telephone. 

Discussing the 302, FBI interview form. 

Beeckman looks at form says it's from May 4th 2012 and not December and it's not his notes. 

Beeckman says when he talked to Torgo they didn't discuss. 

Beeckman says he knows that Ferguson is talking about parking garage but doesn't know if Walbridge has anything to do with it. 

Rataj hands Beeckman his 302 from interview with Torgo last December. Beeckman agrees they were discussing the timeframe of October 2003 in the interview. 

Rataj says earlier this morning Chutkow showed payments from Walbridge to Ferguson on Baby Creek. Correct says Beeckman. 

Looking at an application for payment on the Patton Park Recreation Center to Walbridge aldinger from Ferguson Enterprises. It's application #1. Basically a request for payment on the project. looking at a sume to KEO & Associates for $295,000 and another to a fencing company for more than $11,000.

 Now looking at a similar application for payment from Ferguson to Walbridge. It's number 26. Rataj says that a lot of money went out to other contractors in regards to Patton Park: Bayview Electric..... 

Bottom line says Rataj line is that out of $13 million, more than $10 million went to pay contractors other than Ferguson. Beeckman agrees. 

Looking at September 11th text message between Ferguson and Kwame. 

The long and the short of it is that Ferguson is letting Kwame know in the exchange that John Rakolta of Walbridge has been trying to get a meeting with the mayor. Bernard Parker III has been offering to help put the meeting together.