Beeckman says it looks like Walbridge thinks that Parker can get to the mayor through Ferguson. 

Beeckman says this is evidence that the mayor couldn't get a meeting with the mayor at this particular time. 

11:10AM Rataj introduces from the mayor's calendar on February 10 2007. Meeting scheduled at 6pm with Rakolta at Manoogian Mansion. 

Rataj says Beeckman asked Parker specifically about the text message. Rataj said that he was trying to help Rakolta get meeting with the mayor. Beeckman agrees. 

Rataj says that Walbridge is large corporation that has been around for a long time. Beeckman agrees. 

Beeckman confirming that Walbridge worked on the Compuware building. 

Rataj listing people like Peter Karmanos and Ted Gatzaros who had access to the mayor. 

Rataj saying that relationships a big part of business. 

Soave had friendships with former mayors Coleman Young and Archer. Beeckman agrees. 

Rataj says that Soave testified that it was a good feeling to have relationships with politicians. Beeckman says he recalls Soave saying something like that. 

Rataj says steering of relationships is a function of relationships. Beeckman questions that.

Rataj brings up Avinash Rachmale of Lakeshore Engineering having relationships within the DWSD. 

"We need to confine this," says Judge Edmunds about line of questioning. 

Rataj says Soave testified that construction is not for the faint of heart. Beeckman agrees with that. But doesn't recall when Rataj says he said about sharpening elbows to get people out of the way. 

Rataj is done. 

11:19AM Chutkow redirects. 

Text between Bobby and Kwame. 

Ferguson: Yes he is. Bernard Parker work for walbridge now basically because of them not being able to talk to you they think he can help the situation, we can use this to our advantage. he call me to say rakolta secretary can get a re... 

Beeckman says that "we" is Ferguson and Kwame. 

Looking at the internal Walbridge document ranking sub-contractor bids. this is the document that Rataj wouldn't hand him. Beeckman says if you take sewer work and mass excavation pages and add it together and comes up with number at the bottom of the page. That total bid number is 23% higher than WPM's like Cruickshank said in his letter. 

Cruickshank was project manager on Baby Creek. In his letter he had said that Ferguson was 4th lowest responsive bidder, 23% higher than the lowest WPM. 

Again, reading Cruickshank's letter saying that they gave Ferguson work at the urging of "highly-placed city officials" and that if anyone should complain it's WPM who saw their work shrink by 31% due to work given to Ferguson Enterprises. 

Parker testified that as a result of his conversation with Derrick miller urging them to use Ferguson, they drew up the unsusual handwritten agreement from Valentine's Day 2003. 

Beeckman says that the standard percentage that the manager would get is 5% but Walbridge got more like 3.5%. 

Those were some quick deadly blows to the defense.