The agent says she hesitated because firstly, the date. And then she took a better look at the document when she left the stand and had other concerns. She says she had seen this type of records in other parts of of her investigation. 

Rataj quickly stands up and asks for a sidebar. Likely he is a little nervous about where the government is going with this. 

Zoom in on Kwame and Bobby talking to each other quite passionately. 

Sidebar over. Paszkiewicz says she wanted to investigate further because typically they have a number that is a unique identifier and the defense exhibit was missing it. 

Judge explaining to the jury that the witness is not an expert on document authenticity. Also says she can only testify with respect to her investigation and info in documents themselves. 

Witness says there is also typically a date. Paszkiewicz attempts to show on the document where the date would be. 

Defense objects again and back to sidebar. 

This is getting really interesting. Seems that the prosecution is hinting at defense exhibit tampering. Question is who are they insinuating did it, the defense lawyers or the defendant? 

11:53AM Judge Edmunds says this matter is more complicated than anticipated. Seems counsel is going to hash this out in judge's chambers except for Rataj who has to leave for "family matter." 

Also, the judge gives the heads up that people should arrive to the courthouse early because 160 jurors will are anticipated tomorrow morning. 

Court resumes tomorrow at 9AM.

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