Rosendall says he had conversations with Pam Racey and Alvin Thomas, an executive and lawyer with Synagro respectively, about the legality of the Bernard and Jackson arrangement. 

Shea questioning where recordings of these conversations are. Also, says you discussed more the morality. Rosendall agrees. 

Shea says Synagro concerned about ethical conundrum of dealing with Bernard.

"I believe that's true, yes," says Rosendall. 

Shea says it was ethical matter of dealing with father of mayor on such a big contract. Yes says Synagro. 

Synagro dealt with legal firm in Lansing to feel oput dealing with Bernard. "They felt it was a very grey area and their recommendation was to stay away from it," says Rosendall. 

Shea says Rosendall pulled over by FBI in January 2008 and had been caught by wire taps on some illegal activity including bribes paid tyo City Council member to influence Synagro vote. Rosendall agrees with this. 

9:25AM Bribery of a public official carries up to 10 years says Shea.

Rosendall says he doesn't know how many years but he did agree to cooperate with the FBI. 

Shea days FBI told them about their investigation in the mayor and City Council. Rosendall says it's fair to say it was city government-wide. 

Shea says you provided FBI information you testified to last week. Rosendall agrees. 

In January 2009, Rosendall charged with conspiring to commit bribery which has a maximum of 5 years and not the 10 year sentence. 

Shea says that the plea agreement includes an agreement that Rosendall would continue to cooperate with federal government. Rosendall says he can't remember. Shea hands him documents that seems to refresh his memory. 

Shea says that you would have to give information about others. 

Shea says that if the government felt you had given enough cooperation, they would recommend no more than 11 months. Shea says that the determination about cooperation is solely in the hands of the government. Yes says Rosendall. 

In November 2009, Rosendall was sentenced to 11 months based on government's statement that he had given substantial cooperation. Shea saying that failure to continue testifying would have consequences that witness doesn't want to revisit. "that's a fair statement," says Rosendall. 

Shea says if you didn't provide the truth to the government, that would be a separate federal crime. Shea also says if you didn't tell them the truth then there would be no incentive to tell the truth now. Rosendall agrees. 

9:33AM US Attorney Michael Bullotta redirects. 

Bullotta asks if he has already served him time. Rosendall says he has. 

Rosendall says the agreement between Jackson and Bernard was uncomfortable for Synagro. He says he felt dragged into it by BK and Akunna and he was just trying to keep the deal going forward. Rosendall say he felt that Bernard could hold up the permits. 

Rosendall says Amru Meah, head of Building and Safety, could hold up permits. 

Bullotta asking about the $300 in the parking lot that Rosendall gave Bernard for Christmas gifts. 

Looking for summary of deposits to Maestro accounts. In December 2007, 6 days before parking lot meeting on December 14t5h there was a $7,500 deposit and 2 weeks before that there was a $5,000 and that on December 21st there was a $25,000 deposit into his account from Kilpatrick for Mayor. Bullotta asks if that would have affected him feeling sorry for Bernard. "Absolutely," says Rosendall. 

Reading transcript of conversation between Rosendall and Jackson that Shea introduced in his cross Friday. Jackson says "Man he's not gonna be able to stop that man from signing the deal." Bullotta saying that is just Jackson's opinion. 

Thomas asks for sidebar.