Rosendall says he did lots of work on the deal: dealing with DWSD, fund-raisers. 

Rosendall says he didn't have a contract with Bernard. 

Bullotta asks if Bernard ever submitted a Maestro invoice. No says Rosendall. 

Rosendall agrees that the mon ey he paid Bernard was out of his personal account. 

Rosendall says he would never have worked with Bernard had the mayor not told him to. 

10:00AM Shea cross examines again. 

Rosendall agrees that Bernard remained involved in the Synagro deal even after he passed it over to Jackson. 

Shea says if Jackson wanted to cut a deal with Bernard to give him 75%, that's up to Jackson and has nothing to do with Rosendall. Rosendall agrees. 

Shea says if Jackson thought it was worth splitting it 50/50 with Bernard because he brought him to the table, that was up to Jackson himself. Yes says Rosendall. 

Shea asking about the taking of champagne to consultants in Lansing. Shea asks if he ever gave the Lansing consultants Christmas gifts. No says Rosendall. 

Shea asks if Rosendall ever strung along the consultants in Lansing telling them he was working on an agreement for them. 

Shea asks if Olumba did not have a business consulting practice. I don't know says Rosendall. Agrees that he doesn't know what skills she had in conjunction with that. 

Shea says that Bernard had clients with trucking interests. Rosendall agrees and that Bernard might have meant that he was partnering with someone who already had a trucking business. 

Rosendall agrees that minority participation was a legitimate issue to be discussed. 

Shea discussing Bernard's revenues in 2007. Shea saying that Bernard talked at the Pancake House about creditors. I believe so says Rosendall. Rosendall agrees that he never saw Bernard's books and didn't know what the extent of his debts were. 

Shea done. 

Rosendall steps down. Shockingly no cross from Kwame's lawyer Jim Thomas. 

10:06AM FBI agent Bob Beeckman back on the stand. 

Bullotta asking him about intercepting calls between Olumba and Bernard discussing a company that has trucks such as John Francis and John Ronco's company Capital Waste to transport sludge. thought about putting it in someone else's name- Daniel Ferguson, Ayanna Kilpatrick's husband. Beeckman says this was a topic discussed in that conversation. Beeckman says he doesn't know that that ever came to fruition. 

Between 2002 and 2008, Capital Waste paid Bernard a monthly of $5,000 totaling $222,000. Playing a recording of a phone call. Between Olumba and Bernard. Olumba discussing about how she should invoice Synagro.

Towards the end of the call, "I just hung up about 20 minutes ago. He's on this...", says Bernard talking about Rosendall. "All I had to do was say pull the plug on it," says Bernard. "And he was like 'Oh Hell no' and he knows Rayford don't have the juice," says Olumba. 

Bullotta asks to play the recording again. 

Looking at 2007 deposit into Maestro account: $429,966.25. In December 7th 2007, $5,000 from Capital Waste. November 6th, there was another Capital Waste deposit for $5,000. December 14th, $7,500 from Wayne Company owned by Mike Wayne. December 21st 2007, $25,000 from Kilpatrick for Mayor. 

Bullotta asks if Beeckman knows that Bernard worked for Kilpatrick for Mayor. Beeckman says that Bernard got a lot of checks from them but doesn't know what he did. 

Summary of Net Cash Withdawals for Bernard Kilpatrick in December 2007 for more than $133,000. Withdrawals: December 4th for $100, December 10th for $300, December 11th for $300 at Greektown Casino, December 11th for an additional $100 at Greektown, December 12th for $140, December 21st for $600. December 24th for $1500 at Greektown, December 24th for $600 at Greektown Casino, December 24th for $400, December 26th for $417 and $208 at a Windsor Casino.