10:25AM Judge calls for 20 minute break.

10:49AM Judge Edmunds re-enters courtroom. 

Bullotta continues with Beeckman about March 2008 recorded conversation where Bernard says he would stop the deal for one or two years. 

January 31st 2008 recorded conversation between Bernard and Olumba.

At this point, Rosendall is cooperating. Wiretaps were in place and Rosendall was coming to Detroit once a week to make consensual recordings with various people. 

"This is so so screwed. i am so close to going to my man and telling him to kill it..." Bernard. 

Olumba talks about deal being rebid and a company called Waste Management come in. 

"...they they so fu*&^d up with this... I'm going to do a couple of things... He don't want to talk to me no more. I think I scared him," Bernard talking about JR, James Rosendall. 

"....he's full of sh%t...I'm almost gonna test out Victor and try something..." says Bernard. Victor Mercado would have to approve Synagro deal. 

Talking about Francis and Ronoc from Capital Waste trucking. 

"You just be the minority on the deal, 40% or something," says Bernard to Olumba. 

Bullotta asking about Pancake House discussion about trucks. Bernard and Olumba talking to Rosendall.

Ayanna's husband, originally Daniel Lyton who changed his name to Daniel Ferguson. The company would be in Daniel Ferguson's name but with someone else's trucks. 

"...I'm so close to saying fuc&* them..," says Bernard. 

Olumba talking about even "a Tony" coming in. Tony Soave had a waste business that he later sold to Waste Management. 

Looks like Rosendall had legitimate reason to fear his deal getting killed. 

Looking at Black Onyx invoice. Lists an address on East Jefferson in Karl Kado's building. 

Bullotta wants to ask Shea a question privately before continuing. Interesting. 

Bullotta referncing Derrick Miller and how they let go Glenn Blanton from Cobo because they feared he was wired. Seems they had reason to fear because Beeckman says he was wired. 

Beeckman recalling that Miller said Blanton was fired because it was suspected that he was cooperating with government, might be wearing a wire and wasn't showing up for work. 

11:04AM John Shea cross examines the G-man. 

December 4th 2007 recorded conversation between Bernard and Olumba. Olumba saying that Jackson has submitted 2 invoices on money they are meant to be sharing. 

Shea referencing deposits and withdrawals form Maestro account in 2007. Shea saying that the deposits table showed. Shea says that the Capital Waste, $5,000, and Wayne County, $7,500, deposits are recurring monthly deposit. 

Shea says Bernard worked on his son's capital and did fund-raisers. Beeckman agrees. 

Shea says there is circumstantial evidence that Bernard was working for campaign and non-profits. True says Beeckman.