Beeckman agrees it's possible that there were Kwame text messages about blowing up the deal out there that weren't intercepted. 

Beeckman says there were other instances of text messages to blow up other deals. Beeckman says there was one in particular with Gary Torgo. Ferguson had texted Kwame about Torgo and got Kwame's agreement to deny call back on building permits. 

Beeckman says if building permits are late, that's a great expense for company. Beeckman says that ultimately the city did rescind the contract when it found out about the investigation. 

November 27th 2007 between Rosendall and Jackson. "So the mayor has signed off then," asks Rosendall. Jackson told him he has and it's time to take care of "BK." Bullotta shows that the official approval date on the contract is November 28th 2007 and that all the people who signed off on the contract work for the mayor. 

Looking at summary of December 2007 deposits into Maestro account. Talking about Mayor for Kilpatrick deposit on the 21st for $25,000. Bullotta asks if there was a mayoral campaign in 2006, 2007 or 2008. Beeckman says no. 

More juror questions. 

11:41AM Thomas does more cross. 

Beeckman agrees that Kwame's phone wasn't wiretapped. Also agrees that if he called someone who was wiretapped, then he would be recorded. 

Thomas asks if on Bernard's wire tapped conversations with Kwame there was any reference to the Synagro contract. Beeckman says there was not. 

Back to the November 27th 2007 conversation between Rosendall and Jackson. Thomas says there was a stamp used by City Council for the mayor's approval. Thomas says something about City Council having a stamp they could use if they didn't foresee any opposition from the mayor. Beeckman says he doesn't know about that. 

Looking at record on the voting on the Syngagro contract by city Council. It was a 5 to 4 decision. Looks like there is a Kilpatrick signature stamp on the bottom for November 20th. Thomas says that if the mayor wanted to oppose the stamp, he had 7 days to do so. Beeckman says yes. 

Beeckman says it's still impossible to says that the contract could not still be interfered with. 

Thomas says that the only delay is that Joanne Watson who held on to it and took it to Treasurer's office. Watson voted against the Synagro contract. 

11:50AM Shea does more cross. 

Beeckman agrees it may not be unusual for someone to do some campaign work on a year there are no campaigns. 

11:51AM Bullotta redirects. Bullotta asks about period that City Council members can change their minds. Beeckman says that is about a week. He says he knows that because from wire taps Jackson and Rosendall were worried that Conyers would change her mind after being bribed. 

Bullotta asks about any phone calls involving Kwame were intercepted about setting up a meeting. 

Beeckman says he intercepted calls between Bernard and Kwame. 

Bullotta asks about veiled language.

11:50AM Discussing when Beeckman left a business card for former mayoral aide Mike Tardif. After this, November 15th 2007, a call between Kwame and Bernard was intercepted. 

Kwame is heading somewhere. The recording is being differed to another time because there is no transcript and no one seems to be able to understand. 

11:57AM Thomas. Again. 

Going back to contract approval on November 28th 2007. Thomas says it's 8 days after city Council approval. Yes says Beeckman. 

11:58AM Shea. Again. 

11:59AM Judge calls for a 5 minute break.