12:10PM Court back in session. New witness should be making his way to the stand. There has been the sighting of an older gentleman hanging around the courtroom door. 

US Attorney Eric Doeh questions. Witness takes the stand.  

Witness is Doug Dalgleish. In 2002, the witness was employed at Dalgleish Cadillac on Cass Ave in Detroit. At that time, he was the General Manager. It was a franchise GM Cadillac dealership. 

In 2000, witness was aware of Kwame Kilpatrick when he leased a Cadillac Deville. 

A check made out to dealership for $2,000. Made out on March 2nd 2000 from the Kilpatrick Civic Fund account to Dalgleish Cadillac. Signed by Christine Beatty and Kwame Kilpatrick. Witness says this is start up fees on a lease. Dalgleish thinks term of lease was 36 months. Witness not sure he knew what Civic Fund was at that time. 

Looking at the lease- it's a $44,000 car. Monthly payment was $728.87. 

In 2009, Kilpatrick leased a red 2009 Cadillac Escalade. Witness looking at the bill of sale on the Escalade. 

Thomas asks for a sidebar. 

Witness says the lease term on the Escalade was 24 months. Enterprise was the leasing company that leased the car to Kilpatrick. Purchase date is February 12th 2009. Dalgleish says he received $9,000 in cash from Kwame for the Escalade. 

Doeh asks about an evening, February 23rd 2009, when Kilpatrick came into the dealership. 

Juror has a question. Judge says she can't allow jury to ask witness substantive questions, that's Doeh's job. 

Leasee listed on vehicle as Kwame Kilpatrick. 

Kwame came into dealership in February 2009. Brought in some of the required funds for the Escalade. Clerical staff was off so the witness wrote up the receipt. 

12:30PM Dalgleish says Kwame had $9,000 in cash and a cashier's check for $4,000. Looking at the receipt for a total of $13,000 for Kwame Kilpatrick for that evening. 

Dalgleish says the $9,000 had 79 $100 bills. 

There was another cashier's check for $16,000. Then another cashier's check for $6,458.90. 

Witness looking at check that dealership wrote to enterprise towards the lease of the Escalade. Total Kilpatrick pre-payment on lease was $35,458.86. Looking at $16,000 cashier's check. Dated February 12th 2009. 

Looking at internal receipt of the dealership for $16,000. 

Here is the cashier's check for $6,458.90. Dated February 19th 2009. 

Looking at internal dealership receipt for the $6,458.90 check. 

Looking at cashier's check for $4,000. 

All these checks and cash add up to $35,458.96. 

Doeh asking about Cadillac Escalade's extras. Witness says there were custom tires and wheels as well as chrome accessories- tow hooks and vents. 

Looking at IRS form about reporting when more than $10,000 in cash has been received. The identity of individual listed as Kwame Kilpatrick. Reflects the $9,000 received in cash and lists 2 cashier's checks: $4,000 and $6,458.90. 

Witness looking at requirement to send to customer notice that they have done a reporting to the IRS. Letter on December 31st 2009 to Kilpatrick that reflected $19,459.00 from the dates.