Terrell was Kilpatrick for Mayor campaign treasurer from 2001 until 2008. His role was to make sure that everything had been collected and reported. 

Talking about Emma Bell, campaign fund-raiser. Terrell never heard about money that Kwame got from Bell. Witness also never heard about Kwame using campaign money for personal purposes. 

Terrell says those things were things that they would have wanted to know because they should have been reported in tax forms.

 Talking about the Kilpatrick Civic Fund. Witnesss's firm prepared the 990s from about 2000 through 2007. 

Also never heard about Emma Bell giving cash from commissions on KCF to Kwame. Never heard about using KCF for vacations, golf clubs or anything related to personal purposes. 

Terrell never heard about any other money generating activities other than job as mayor or speaking engagements in the period of 2003 through 2007. 

If Kwame had reported additional income, it would have been reflected in a schedule C  on 1040that provides for sole proprietors to report other income and expenses.

Looking at a 1040 tax return, line 12 is for net income or loss. Typically for someone who is in business for themselves. Line 17 highlighted- number derived from schedule E typically for a partner or part owner of chapter S copor. or has real estate activity. A partner in a law firm might report there. Real estate income to go there would be for real estate investments like rental properties so any income or loss would get reported on line 17. 

Line 21- jury duty fees.

Chutkow says it's good for jury to know. Jurors like that- they laugh. Also for gambling income or losses. 

In the tax years between 2003 and 2007, witness says Kwame never declared any large gifts or gambling winnings or discharges from previous debts. also never talked about large civil judgments, like an award from a law suits or civil judgments. Witness says he never heard about unemployment compensation. 

Witness says he depends on his clients to be truthful when providing information. They sign a form acknowledging they have provided the best information they are aware of. Terrell says he takes his clients carefully through the process to make sure they jog their memory. Terrell says he did that with Kwame. Terrell says he relied on Kwame to be truthful when providing his income information.

9:40AM Now heading to the actual individual tax returns.

Looking at tax return for 2003 for Kwame Kilpatrick. Line 7 is the W2 wages for tax payers. Here it indicates $187, 617. Line 9A is dividends , here is $401. Line 10 is deductions on itemized deductions, here it is $709. Line 12 is the income from other engagements like the speaking one, here it is $2,500. Line 13 A, losses from capital investments comes to $3,000. $168,151 is listed as Kwame's wages from the city for 2003. 

2003 W2 for Carlita for Next Vision Foundation $19,465.57. This is the only year Carlita provided any W2 forms. 

Looking at another page on 2003 returns. Looking at 1099 report of $2,500 from Wilberforce University. Terrell says it is the only time he received a 1099 from either Kwame or Carlita between 2003 and 2009. 

On line 17, Kwame didn't list anything for real estate.

On line 21, didn't list more income. Line 22 is the total amount of income- his total was $188, 220. 

Looking at a summary for cash deposits and transactions for Kwame from 2001 through 2007.

For 2003, looks like Kwame made cash deposits for $77,200. 2004- $60,600, 2005- $75,300, 2006- $87,100. 

Thomas objects. Judge sustains that Thomas is right that Chutkow hasn't laid enough foundation for this line of questioning. 

9:49AM Juror needs to have a break. Judge says to go ahead and have a quick one.

9:55AM Still waiting for the juror to come back. Not sure what is going on but it seems someone made a bolt for the bathroom.

May just be my imagination but it seems like these jurors are injecting themselves more into the courtroom drama. They are asking many more questions than they did initially, indicating that they are vastly more confident and comfortable in their roles as jurors in this trial. 

This morning outside there were canine detection dogs with a pest control company in the parking lot across the street from the courthouse. Could be they are using those dogs to prevent people from bringing bugs into the building.