Last week, there were some pesky gnats or bugs that were jumping between the jurors and actually biting.

Judge Edmunds' courtroom was fumigated shortly after. 

Kwame and Bobby are enjoying the break just chit chatting away and laughing. 

Apparently a nurse has been called in to check out the juror. This could be it for the day.

10:10AM So it looks we will be continuing. We'll be taking a short break around 11:15AM. Two witnesses have tight travel schedules. 

Jurors filter back in. 

Looking at Kwame cash deposit summary again. In 2007, it was $97,050, in 2008 it was  $114, 451. The chart for 2001 through 2008, the total cash deposits was $531,401.72. 

There is a document with the statement that I am providing the information to the best of my knowledge when filling out the returns. 

Now looking at Kwame tax returns for 2004. Looking at 2004 1040, line 7 for wages is $167,830. W2 form for city of Detroit $167,830 again identified. Looking at lines 9 for $1,159 and line 13 for capital loss of $1,039. Line 12 for business income, nothing identified. Line 17 for real estate, nothing. Line 21 for other income, also nothing. Line 22 total income is $167,940. Looking at the penalty of perjury provision on the document. Signed by both Kwame and Carlita. Carlita's occupation listed as homemaker in 2004 and Kwame is mayor. 

On to 2005 returns. $153,600 is Kwame wages. W2 form for wages from city, $153,599.44, basically the same. Line 9A is $279 and line 13 is capital gain $2,480. On line 12, not other business income identified. Line 17, no real estate declared. Line 21, no other income declared. Line 22, total income is $156,329. again, shows both Kwame and Carlita's signatures. No occupation listed for Carlita, Kwame still mayor- still has penalty of perjury provision over signatures. 

On to 2006 returns for Kwame. Line 7 1040, wages listed as $150,212. W2 from city of Detroit is $150,212, basically the same as line 7.

Line 9A on dividends is $281 and line 10 is for taxable refunds is $559,  line 13 is capital gains $1,972.

About $3,000. Line 12, no other business income. Line 17, nothing identified. Line 21, no other income. Total income listed is $153,024. again signed by Kwame, mayor, and Carlita, no occupation. Provision of perjury again clearly there. 

Finally returns for 2007.

1040 line 7, $159,021. W2 from city of Detroit is $159,021.24. Line 8A is taxable interest $84 9A on dividends $114, line 10 is taxable refund $577, line 13 is capital gains which is $7,204. Comes out to about $8,000. No business income listed. Total income listed as $167,005. 

Talking about deductions for 2007. look at gift receipt for Kwame Kilpatrick in the amount of $5,000. Date is October 23rd 2007 from Florida A& M University Foundation. This was provided as a charitable contribution for the tax returns. This was to get a deduction for that tax year. 

Now looking at the check to Florida A & M Foundation from the Kilpatrick Civic Fund on October 15th 2007 for $5,000. Signatories are Christine Beatty and Derrick Miller. 

Chutkow asks if Terrell ever saw this check. no says the witness. Only saw the gift receipt from the Florida A & M foundation. Terrell says had he know the check was the KCF he wouldn't have used it towards deductions because it wasn't made by him personally. but Terrell says he didn't have that information. 

Now Chutkow shows the 2007 signature line on 2007 returns. Signed by Kwame and Carlita under the penalty of perjury provision. 

10:34AM Jim Thomas, Kwame's lawyer, cross examines. 

Thomas asks if tax returns his main business. No says Terrell- does auditing, tax and accounting. Says most of his business is auditing. 

Terrell agrees he has a very busy practice. 

Witness says he really wasn't that involved with the Kilpatrick Civic Fund except to file 990s. 

Discussing William Phillips who was an attorney. Terrell says he interacted with him from time to time on the Kilpatrick for Mayor campaign for most of the time witness was treasurer. 

Terrell says the firm did 990 for the Kilpatrick Civic Fund though he didn't handle it directly. One of his employees would get the information from William Phillips and compile and do the accounting for that year.