Terrell says he doesn't remember really who was on the board of the Civic Fund execpt for Phillips and Christine Beatty. 

Terrell agrees that the board has a governance role over the 501c4. 

Terrell says that his role on the Civic Fund was just for the purposes of the 990.

 11:15AM Just calls for a 15 to 20 minute break.

11:37 AM

Back from break - Thomas continues cross of Terrell. 

Thomas pulls out the check which indicates a donation from the Kilpatrick Civic Fund to Florida A&M (Kilpatrick's School)  Next, the receipt for the Florida A&M Young Alumni Association.  Thomas indicates they are not for the same thing. 

The receipt is for a speaking engagement Kilpatrick had and is deductible.  The Civic Fund contribution is a separate donation.  Interesting. 

Shea, Bernards attorney has some questions.  

Shea asks if gambling winnings are taxable, or are they off-set by gambling losses?  This may be a question Bernard has for his personal taxes, not so much about this trial.  Free tax advice! 

The answer is a typical CPA type answer and not really discernible. 

Next, the Government brings out a woman who works for H&R Block in Texas and prepared Kwame Kilpatrick's taxes in 2009.  She has a very heavy accent, and it ain't from Texas.

Thomas crosses the H&R Block woman.  

Asserts Kilpatrick was just a "happy go lucky guy"  who came in and needed his taxes prepared.  Not hiding anything or doing anything illegal. 

Any money that was obtained by Kilpatrick and was not taxable did not have to be included on his tax form. 

The H&R Block woman in not an accountant or a CPA - she is a simple "tax preparer." 

Gifts are not taxable, the donor has to pay tax on the "donation" on amounts over $12,000 but, the person receiving the "gift" is not liable for tax. 

12:35PM Witness is excused to go back to Texas. 

FBI agent Bob Beeckman back on the stand. US Attorney Michael Bullotta questions. 

Discussing Capital Waste which was brought up in testimony yesterday. Capital Waste is a roll off dumpster company owned by John Ronco and John Francis. 

One of the jurors asks Bullotta to slow down. 

Between 2002 and 2008, Capital Waste paid Maestro & Associates, Bernard Kilpatrick's company, a total of $222,000. 

2007 summary of cash deposits for Bernard from Capital Waste:

01/31/07  $5,000

03/09/07 $5,000