03/16/07 $5,000

04/25/07 $5,000

06/12/07 $5,000

08/08/07 $5,000 


There is also a payment of $15,000 from National Media, Archie Clark's company on 04/30/07 

Bullotta says there is more but will stop with that. suffice it to say, the payments from Capital Waste were very regular. 

The FBI co0ntinued to intercept Bernard's calls in February 2008 under title III court order. 

At this time the Book Cadillac was under renovation at this time. There was demolition and debris being trucked out of the job site. 

The joint venture of Jenkins Construction and Marous brothers were handling the Book Cadillac project. 

Jenkin construction, owned by Jim Jenkins, is a minority company located on Jefferson. 

Shakib Deria was on site and he was a construction foreman for Ferguson Enterprises. 

Listening to a recorded conversation. The topic is getting Capital Waste onto Book Cadillac site. Conversation is between John Francis and Bernard. Date of the call is February 14th 2008. 

"You ain't heard from those people yet?" asks Bernard. 

"No," says Francis. 

"I just went by there and saw Americal,"says Francis. They were the competitors to Capita Waste. 

"Who is regulatory board who could give these boys trouble," asks Francis. 

"It's Gerard," says Bernard. 

"You mean our Gerard?" asks an incredulous Francis. 

Bernard says he will call Gerard and get back to Francis. 

Francis wondering why Americal is onsite when they only have about 8 trucks. Can't figure out why Jenkins is doing this. 

12:45PM Bernard mentions talking to Gerard Grant Phillips, the director of the Human Rights Department. 

Shea objects. Judge sustains. 

Bullotta asks if Gerard has any power over permitting. Yes says Beeckman with Detroit based and headquartered business certifications. 

There had been discussion about the mayor beiung weak in the conversation. In February 2008, Kwame Kilpatrick was in the midst of the text messaging scandal.