Listening to yet another call from February 14th 2008. this time between Bernard and Bobby Ferguson. It's later in the day at 1:47PM. 

"Hey Pops!" greets a cheery Bobby. "Hey!" replies Bernard. Ferguson wants to know "What's goin on?" 

Bernard lays out the Book Cadillac scenario for Bobby. Trying to remember the name of George Jackson. 

Bernard asks "Can he make trouble for Jim Jenkins over there? Can he run him out of there?" Bernard asks Bobby. think he is talking about Jackson. 

Beeckman clarifies that George Jackson was the head of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation which had oversight over the construction at the Book Cadillac. 

More recorded conversation to listen to. 2 jurors seem to be missing transcripts. 

It's a continuation of the Bernard and Bobby conversation from the same day. 

Bernard says, "I would really like to run him out of town...." Think he is still talking about Jenkins. 

Bobby tells him that the person he needs to talk to is "Shakib", his foreman. 

Bernard explains that "John and them were taken off." He is talking about Francis and Ronco. 

Shakib Deria worked on the project at one point and was an employee of FEI. 

Now listening to call between Bernard and Shakib Deria on February 14th at 2:56PM, about an hour after talking to Bobby. 

"I've been trying to beat off snakes," says Bernard. 

He tells Deria, "My boys were hauling the trash at the Book... Arbitrarily pulled off." 

Bernard says about Jkings, "I threatened him." 

"I don't know if George Jackson could take care of this thing," says Bernard. 

Sounds like Bernard just really wants his Capital Waste guys back on site after being pulled off. 

Deria says something about getting with a guy. Umm, that doesn't sound right. 

Bernard says that he has been working for 8 to 10 months to get Capital Waste at the Book Cadillac site. Also says that a Detroit business should not get kicked off by a suburban business. 

"They still calling me and cussing me out," says Bernard. 

1:05PM Bullotta says this is a good place to stop. Will continue with Beeckman tomorrow. Court is adjourned and will resume Thursday at 9AM.

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