Thomas asking when Bullotta didn't go along with him. Selz saying for the most part he did. 

Thomas asks if he included money allegedly given to Kwame by Karl Kado.

Looking at the summary of cash transactions for Kwame between 2002 and 2008. Witness says when he looks at the schedule, he sees the cash. Witness says all he knows is that in that period, he sees a lot of cash coming into accounts and many credit card cash payment. Does he know if the money came from Emma Bell or Karl Kado? No says the witness. He just sees lots of cash coming in. 

Witness says he doesn't know anything about any cash correlation in terms of where it comes from. 

The summary of cash deposits we are looking at was not prepared by current witness but by IRS special agent Ron Sauer. 

Witness says he personally did not make any changes to the document. 

Thomas discussing Comerica cash withdrawals not included. Thomas asking if he is aware of withdrawals by Carlita not included. Witness says he is not. 

Witness agrees if there was a cash accumulation from previous years that would possibly change the numbers. 

Witness says he does not have a masters in tax or CPA license or any expertise in 501c4s. 

Thomas asks if he agrees that tax and loans are not taxable. Yes says witness. 

Thomas saying that cash gifts or loans would affect the cash numbers in the chart. Witness agrees. 

9:30AM So if the cash were gifts, it would affect the more than $530,000 in undeclared income the government is claiming Kwame had. Yes agrees the witness. 

Thomas says witness indicated that there were things included in the chart that were based on oral representations. Yes says witness. 

But you said that there were also things that weren't included based on oral representations. Witness says that may be true or not, all he knows that there is lots of cash going into the accounts at the time that Kilpatrick was mayor and there were alleged kickbacks being accept. 

Witness says that as an auditor he has to piece together what several people were coming in an telling him. 

Bullotta asks the judge for a sidebar. Counsel approaches the judge's bench.

Thomas asks if witness was involved in analyzing the Civic Fund or another auditor. Witness says as far as he is aware he is the only summary witness called for this trial. 

Witness says he was call for tax purposes and not the Civic Fund. 

Thomas discussing CPA Gregory Terrell who prepared Kwame's taxes for 2003 through 2007. 

Now Thomas talking about witness testifying about Florida A & M. Witness says he doesn't recall testifying about that. 

Thomas talking about the $5,000 donation to Florida A & M from the Civic Fund and the gift receipt sent to Kwame. 

Thomas made a mistake. Wasn't this witness who testified about that. It was IRS agent Sauer. 

Now looking at a February 15th 2008 letter from Florida A & M to Kwame and Carlita thanking them for their donation. thomas asks witness if he sees anything in the letter referencing the Civc Fund. No says witness.

Thomas indicates that it is addressed to 9240 Dwight St, the Manoogian Mansion. 

Thomas says this is a mistake, Florida A & M didn't send it to the Civic Fund but to the Kilpatricks.