Rataj says witness knew banks had kicked him out and he would have money in safes. Rataj says that wwa on the warrant. Witness agrees. 

Rataj says that Ferguson paid taxes on every dime he had. Witness says she is not an IRS agent but thinks Ferguson paid his taxes. 

Witness says she is not part of this case and is not familiar with the tax charges. 

12:24PM Witness steps down. Blackwell calls IRS agent Rowena Schuch back to the stand. 

Witness says she looked at Ferguson's bank records. 

Witness says she looked at accounts for A & F environmental, Bobby and Marilyn personal accounts, Johnson consultants, FEI and Xcel accounts. 

Witness says she reviewed cash withdrawals from those accounts. 

Looking at chart of cash deposit and withdrawals for Ferguson et al. 

Chart is for 2002 through 2008. 

Grand total for the period on checks written to cash: $2,552,357.21. 

Lots of transactions in the $9,000 range. When you see large numbers under $10,000, it looks like there is an attempt to have a transaction report being made by the financial institution. 

The $9,000 checks were drawn from A & F account. In this time frame of October 2/November 6th 2005 highlighted, there were about 5 such transactions. In the course of her investigation, witness found about 17 or 18 such transactions in the $9,500 range in the period between 2002 and 2008. 

Last column is who checks are made payable to: either cash or Bobby Ferguson. A & F checks made out to Bobby Ferguson. 

Defense calls for sidebar. 

Judge wants to be clear that there are no charges in the indictment for money laundering or structuring against Ferguson.

Grant total on cash withdrawals, checks to cash, checks written to cash is $2,551,357.21 million 


2002 $333,438.50

2003 $407,837.37

2004 $434,756.50

2005 $443.151.62

2006 $165,781

2007  $270.948.28

2008 $495,443.94