Thomas says this is a mistake, much like your mistake in neglecting to renew your certification. 

9:42AM Bullotta redirects. 

Looking at the chart of unreported income for Kwame for $531,401.72. 

Bullotta saying that Carlita's accounts had: one for $17,000 and the other for $27,000. Bullotta says if all that money had been taken out and deposited to Kwame's accounts that is only $43,000 total so we'd still be left with $490,000 in cash so that wouldn't affect his numbers too much. Witness agrees. 

Bullotta says is it normal behavior to take small withdrawals of about $100 and then deposit it into another account. Witness agrees it is not. 

Bullotta asking if witness found any evidence that Kwame had a cash horde. Witness says no because in all audits he has done, people with cash hordes, do it for a reason because they don't trust banks and are more frugal. 

Thomas objects. Judge sustains that witness is going way beyond scope. 

Witness describes cash hordes as money that could be in a safe. 

Witness agrees that he saw activity inconsistent with cash hordes. Points to suits that are purchased on layaway because usually that would mean there is no cash readily available. 

9:47AM Thomas says were you in court when a witness testified to taking money out of a shoe for Kwame. Witness says that was only $1,500. 

Thomas says there has been no consideration of cash gifting and loans. Correct says witness. 

To the extent of any gifting or loans in this case that chart is not accurate. Witness agrees that would affect numbers. 

9:48AM Bullotta asks if witness has seen any evidence of cash gifting or loans. Witness says he has not. 

Witness steps down. 

9:49AM US Attorney Mark Chutkow calls EPA special agent Carol Paskiewicz. 

Straight to sidebar. 

Chutkow asks about summaries on Bobby Ferguson's contract revenues. witness says she did some independently and also worked with an independent IRS agent to find Ferguson's revenues. Not profits, just checks coming into his own companies. 

Chutkow introducing lots of documents into evidence. 

Looking at chart of Ferguson Related Contract Revenues. 

CM 2012   Downtown Water Main Replacement Project prior to Super Bowl

Prime Contractor DLZ    

FEI Revenues=$715,518


WS 650 Downtown Water Main    

Prime Contractor DLZ/DWSD- DLZ had oversight role but DWSD paid directly