FEI Revenues= $3,408,496


WS 651  

Downtown Water Main  

Prime Contractor DLZ/DWSD

FEI Revenues= $3,527,097 

Subtotal: $7,651,112


Contracts were between 2003 and last check payment was made in 2007. 

Now looking at more contract revenues. 

DWS 849


Prime contractor: Lakeshore

Johnson/A &F envrironment= $1,700,0000

Got numbers from Lakeshore


CM 2014

Eastside Water Main

Prime contractor: Lakeshore

FEI=$3,309,923 that includes revenues from Lakeshore and A & H

Xcel= $822,221

Total: $4,132,144


Witness listing all the checks that support these numbers. Defense lawyer Alex Brennan seems to be following checks listed on her computer- we aren't seeing them exhibited. 

Kwame has some sort of mini iPad he is working on.