Prime subcontractor: Detroit Program Management joint venture: Detroit Contracting Inc and Xcel

FEI= $13,103.953

Xcel= $3,582,657

Total= $16,686,611


Witness says that the numbers varied from the accounting in the ledgers and the actual checks. Witness says she would you use the bank statements for an actual negotiated amount. 

CS 1368

Sewer lining

Prime: Inland/ Insituform was not prime but did pay FEI monies.

FEI= $20,824,310


DWS 864 - sibling contract to 865

Westside sewers

Prime: Inland (joint venture with Xcel)

FEI= $4,670,771

Xcel= $191,037

Total: $4,861,809


Subtotal for 3 contracts: $42,372,730



And more contracts. 

PC 748

Baby Creek/ Patton Park- sewer overflow project with Patton Park piece

Prime: Walbridge