Now Rataj moves on to 650 which he says is an extension of CM 2012. Witness does not agree it is an extension. 

Rataj says the jury can decide who is accurate and who is not. 

Chutkow objects. Judge sustains and tells Rataj to stop editorializing. 

Looking at $3.4 million the EPA agent found was paid to FEI on contract 650. Rataj is holding a document that says $3.115- he says that witness based he numbers off of this and there seems to be a $300,000 discrepancy. 

Rataj asks to approach the bench. 

Judge tells the jury that the volume of paper in this case is huge and sometimes things get overlooked and misplaced. It's inevitable and not worth being concerned about. Rataj now looking at full set of documents. 

Looks like DLZ paid $3,115,007.10 in invoices on this sheet. Paskiewicz listed $3.4 million in her chart. 

On 651, witness listed $3.5 million. On Rataj's document, lists $1.729 million as total paid invoices on 651 not $3.5 million. That is a substantial discrepancy. 

Talking about Hayes receiving work on contracts 642 and 649 that were under the same umbrella group as 650 and 651. 653 went to Eagle Construction, 654 went to Posen, 655 went to D'Agostini. 

Rataj says that witness doesn't have any numbers relating to other contractors under the umbrella contract. No says witness. 

Rataj says that the chart does not include costs and expenses on 650 and 651. You are correct says witness. 

Rataj talking about contract 1368 being bid with 1362. Witness does not recall that. 

Rataj incredulous witness not recalling 1362 being rolled into 1368. 

Rataj says that FEI was subcontractor to both Inland and Insituform on 1368. Witness agrees. 

Rataj says that FEI had $3 million in revenues related to Amendment #4. Witness doesn't recall. 

Witness doesn't recall how much money was spent on materials for 1368. Needs documents to refresh her memory. 

Rataj recalls Edwards and Darryl Latimer testifying that 1362 was rolled into 1368. Witness says 1361 being rolled into 1368. 

Both agree that 1361 became Amendment #1 to 1368. 

Rataj asks if she knows how much Inland made on 1368. witness says she believes it was around $100 million. 

Witness agress that her chart doesn't have the numbers for any other contractors. 

Rataj promises to not belabor any longer but says she does not have costs and expenses related to any other the contracts in her chart. Correct says the witness. 

Rataj says that $83 million is figure generated by Ferguson-related contracts listed in this trial. 

11:15AM The City Related Revenue figure of $124.75 is after 2002. This includes other contracts that FEI had that is not listed on the chart for trial-related contracts. So this includes additional contracts from the period between 2002 and 2008. 

Rataj says one of the most important rules of business is to pay bills on time. Witness agrees. 

Rataj talks about benefits and wages paid to Ferguson employees. Witness agrees that Ferguson paid employees, paid for equipment.