Rataj says diesel fule is expensive, do you know how much it is. "I don't know how much diesel fuel is," says witness. 

Rataj asks if witness knew that FEI was a union company. She says she knows he had union employees. 

Rataj asking if she knows how expensive a back tire on a loader is. Witness has no idea. 

Rataj says that Ferguson had to hire sub-contractors on various contracts listed and they had to be paid. Witness agrees with that. 

Rataj says he chart doesn't include all costs and expenses. "Right, that's why we called it revenues," says witness. 

"Your chart is not the full story of FEI's involvement in the contracts. Right or wrong," asks Rataj. 

Witness says she will answer that question in 2 parts. 

"No, it clearly does not include the cost of doing business. It is strictly revenues," says the witness. 

11:23AM Chutkow redirects. 

Brings back the outfalls contract, 849. Lakeshore was the prime and there was a payment of $1.7 million to Ferguson-related companies. 

Paskiewicz says that the discrepancy with what Rataj was showing was that there was difference between city of Detroit accounting number and the actual checks sent. 

Looking at 650 where witness listed $3.4 million. Witness says she derived that value from looking at the checks. 

Going to 651 where she listed $3.5 million and Rataj had shown $1.7 million. Witness says it is the same issue. there was difference between city ledgers and the checks that actually went out. 

11:27AM Rataj no more cross. 

Chutkow says that US Attorney Eric Doeh will be asking agent Paskiewicz about search warrants. 

Lawyers go straight to sidebar. 

Doeh promises not to keep Paskiewicz up on the stand too long. 

Talking about January 15th 2009. Served Ferguson with a search warrant. 

Looking at the photo of the front of Ferguson Enterprises Inc. on Wyoming St. in Detroit. 

The EPA agent served the warrant and entered the business. Explained to employees why they were there, that they had a search warrant for the premises. 

Witness made her way to Ferguson's office. 

Looking at his picture of Ferguson's office with the spiral staircase leading up to the "chillin' pad." Witness identified safe in the office in the credenza behind his desk. 

At some point, Ferguson came into the office with some agents and opened the safe at the feds request. 

Looking at picture of safe after it was opened. Lots of cash, an old Beta looking videotaped. Witness says she didn't count it but there was apparently $7,000 in the safe. Ferguson asked to remove personal papers which they found to be his birth certificate and driver's license. 

11:35AM Rataj looks like he is going to ask questions but consults with Evelyn and says he has no cross for the witness.