Blackwell asks Agent Schuch if she had any evidence that the item in the memo line was actually used for that item.

Rataj objects - Schuch indicated in cross that she did not look at the memo lines. 

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Government moves on: asks to admit copies of checks.

Defense objects on foundation.

Rataj is allowed to question Schuch on the basis of the evidence.   

There were over 400 checks reviewed by the government as evidence.

Schuch claims to recognize the checks that are from Ferguson when she did not in earlier testimony. 

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The judge does not allow the checks as evidence. 

Rataj reminds the jury: in the seven years that are covered in the IRS Chart, Ferguson only personally cashed five checks.

Rataj is done.

Schuch is excused. 

Blackwell returns to the podium and reads some stipulations which give them jurisdiction in this case - housekeeping? 

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Mark Chutkow calls FBI Agent Robert Beeckmen, and asks to admits more evidence.  Wiretap conversations. 

No objection from the defense. 

Side bar... 

November 15, 2007 wire tap between Bernard Kilpatrick and Kwame Kilpatrick.  Agent Beckman had paid a visit to Michael Tardif on this day, former aid to Kwame Kilpatrick - Tardif was not home and Agent Beckman left a business card in his door. 

In the recording Kwame appear to be speaking in code to his father - talking about a "little white guy" running around. 

"You got to stay away from that little white guy for a minute." 

"from Chi?" (Marc Cunningham?) responded Bernard.   "No, him, him too  your favorite white brother." from Kwame.

BK - "you mean Arab?"  (Karl Kado?)

KK - "no,no Pop.  From up the Farris State?" (Rosendall?)

KK - "this little white guy that be around here doing all the business." (Tardif is white and only 5'4")