Defense objects, calls for speculation.

Judge sustains 

August 7, 2007 - Bernard Kilpatrick and Bobby Ferguson recorded phone conversation. 

BK - We don't get no ticket for Chen Park

BF - "I guess wire tap going on."

BF - I guess water's got something going on. (Victor Mercado)

BK - I need a couple, man about 2 grand 

March 5, 2008 - Bernard and Rosendall. 

"I could uh, cool as me and this guy is, I could have him you know, not blow it up, but I could have him know what to do." 

March 20, 2003 - text between Kwame and Ferguson

BF - white boy thinks he is slick, don't have no real money.  FEI did 20,000 job.  Alright is building safety f*cks with his permit? 

KK - Get back with you. 

Government isn't really adding any comments to these exhibits - just presenting this to the jury.

More text between Ferguson and Kilpatrick showing communication about various city contracts. 

Moving on to the book Cadillac Project - 

Now, a credit card receipts showing Alberici Construction made a purchase at Joe Louis Arena for around $800.

A text indicates Red Wings tickets were received by Mayor Kilpatrick and others involved in the project. 

Text indicate Ferguson needed help dealing with "white folks."  Kwame agreed. 

Bobby indicates he is famous but needs to get some money.

KK - Lets get you some.

BF - Us


Records indicate Ferguson was paid $9,198,153 for the Book Cadillac Project. 

Text between Christine Beatty and Kilpatrick: Indicate Ferguson wanted to  lose a strategic major bid but, he would be in  the deal in the end. 

This was the deal to build the new Detroit Police Headquarters, this never came about at that time.   The new DPD HQ is currently under construction.