The government is just pounding out the text messages - fast.  The jury must be on the ropes.  

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Judge says we are obviously not going to wrap-up today, but we will still be off tomorrow.  Hopefully, the Government can finish Thursday, but right now it doesn't look probable. 

Back to the text onslaught. 

More texts between Kilpatrick and Ferguson indicating city deals are being steered to Bobby.  Reference to a Crains Magazine interview of Ferguson where Kwame is pleased to hear Bobby is getting FEI some positive PR.  Ferguson text Kilpatrick he played down their relationship.  told reporter: "he didn't contribute cash to Kilpatrick campaign, just grass roots passing out literature." 

On an out-of-town trip, Kilpatrick texts Ferguson to buy Superbowl Tickets when they were in San Diego.  Ferguson directed Kilpatrick to the safe in his hotel room that contained $7,500.  Further text indicate Kwame got the money and bought tickets. 

A few more text message that appear to show the close relationship between Mayor Kilpatrick and Bobby Ferguson.  The text also seem to indicate Ferguson had complete access to the mayor. 

No further questions. 

Shea starts the cross - concerning the recorded telephone conversation between Bernard and Kwame.  Shea asks Agent Beckman if he was aware Bernard had several clients from Chicago.  Its not possible to know who he was addressing. 

In the conversation with Bobby Ferguson and Bernard where he seemed to ask for cash - there is no evidence Bernard ever received any cash as a result of that request. 

Now, on to a Superbowl trip to New Orleans.  You don't need to be a city offical to go to the Superbowl. 

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