And Jenkins even told Bernard he's address things with his clients. True says Beeckman. 

Kwame looks like he's taking a snooze. 

Gerard Grant Philips head of Human Right department of the city which handles the permits and certification. Shea saying that Bernard Parker III worked for HR dept. Either he or another witness says that the HR department investigated whether companies were Detroit headquartered. Beeckman agrees. 

Shea referring to Kim Harris testimony that in 2006 there was an investigation into Jenkins construction. Beeckman says he remembers that question but doesn't remember the answer. 

Shea tries to refresh Beeckman's recollection by handing him a transcript from November 2012 of Kim HJarris testimony. Beeckman scanning it. 

Shea says so Harris investigating complaints against Jenkins in 2005 or 2006 on this exact site at the Book Cadillac. Bernard also references an issue he had with Jenkins on this same site. 

Looking at transcript of telephone conversation. Bernard is mentioning his complaint in the recorded conversation at the Book Cadillac. 

Shea says that Bobby Ferguson was a sub-contractor on that site for a number of years and was familiar with Jenkins. Shea says that Bernard explained the situation to Bobby. 

"I want to uh I really would like to run him out of town, that basically he took these guys uh take and use my guys who was dumpin the, takin the trash..." says Bernard. 

"Some white boys from out of town. Some white boys from the suburbs. and he took, uh, you know he took uh guy across the street from you, John and them off."

Bernard telling Bobby that his Capital Waste guys run off the project. 

Shea talking about George Jackson, with the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation. His department was overseeing the Book Cadillac project. 

So another appropriate person to complain to says Shea. 

"That would be an appropriate person to complain to," says Beeckman. 

It took Bobby a while to figure out what Bernard is talking about says Shea. Beeckman agrees. 

Bobby is busy so he directs Bernard to Shakib Deria. 

Deria calls Bernard back and provides his insights on Jenkins and the Book Cadillac site. 

Deria confirms that Capital Waste was not brought back on the site because Americal, the "white boys from the suburns", was paying kickbacks to someone on the site. 

So it had nothing to do with Capital Waste performance or price they were charging. According to Deria yes says Beeckman. 

Shea says Shakib Deria discusses a course of action that does not involve going to Gerard Grant Phillips or George Jackson. Yes says Beeckman. 

Beeckman agrees that there is no evidence that Bernard filed formal complaint with Gerard Grant Philips or George Jackson. Correct says Beeckman. 

No evidence of permits being issued to Jenkins. Correct says Beeckman. 

No evidence that Bernard went to Jenkins and said you better hire my guys or I'm going to report you to the city. Correct says Beeckman. 

Shea says did Capital Waste ever get any additional work on the site asks Shea. No says Beeckman. 

Shea saying that Book Cadillac was symbolic for Detroit. Bernard was pushing this project and did not want it slowed down. Beeckman agrees.