Thomas says so would this be substantiation that gifts were made. Sauer says these were checks not cash deposits.

 Thomas says this is evidence of gifting during the administration. 

Sauer says that these were checks deposited into the accounts. 

Thomas says these are evidence of "an event." 

Sauer says these are just checks that says "Happy Birthday." 

Thomas says so in your investigation you were just looking for cash but were not looking at checks. No that's not true says Sauer. 

Thomas says so if checks are being gifted isn't it logical to assume that cash is being gifted too. It's possible says Sauer. 

Sauer says it depends on who is giving the gift and what the thought process was. 

Thomas says is there anything improper about giving check gifts. Sauer says it's possible. 

Thomas tells him he is speculating. 

Thomas says is a gift a taxable income. It depends says Sauer. Depends on who the giver is and the circumstances. 

Sauer says there was a loan application at First Independence Bank and an unsecured loan at First Independence Bank for the purchase of the home in Florida in 2007. 

Sauer revises that the first one in 2002 was a credit card application. 

Thomas says without disclosure of cash he would still qualifies for the loans. Thomas says he got the loan without any indication of cash. That's correct says Sauer. 

12:59PM Judge Edmunds says let's stop here. Court resumes tomorrow morning at 9AM.

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