Shea says so whether mayor was weak at the time, the administration wanted to push the project forward. 

So regardless of someone's last name, a complaint against a contractor on the project would not be well received. Beeckman says if there was a legitimate complaint it would be listened to. 

Shea says no one suggested Bernard should call Kwame. Beeckman agrees. 

No evidence that he did. Correct says Shea. 

Shea says Bernard used "salty language" when talking about Jenkins but the actual process, making complaints to Jackson or Grant Phillips. 

Beeckman says he threw some other things in there as well like impairing Jenkins ability to work on the Synagro deal. 

Shea says there is nothing illegal about Bernard bad-mouthing a general contractor because he is not following rules. 

Beeckman laughs. "I don't think that is going on here." 

Beeckman agrees that Jenkins was angling to build Synagro facility. 

Shea says he wanted Capital Waste to get what it deserved as a Detroit-based business. 

Beeckman says that they wanted the job and Francis wanted Jenkins written up for violations. 

Shea says if Jenkins was violating Detroit-based business rules, he should be written up. Beeckman agrees.

9:43AM Jim Thomas, Kwame's lawyers, cross examines. 

Thomas asking about date of the recordings. Beeckman says February 14th 2008. 

Thomas says that the text messaging scandal and the mayor was under siege at the time. 

Thomas says that the Wayne County prosecutor was talking perjury charges against the mayor and it's been in the news every day since then. Beeckman agrees. 

Thomas says as regards these wire tapped conversations, Kwame wasn't contacted on this. Beeckman agrees. 

Thomas wants to make clear that Bernard never reached out to Kwame on the Book Cadillac project. 

Thomas saying that Kwame pleaded guilty in September 2008 and went into jail in October 2008. 

Thomas says regarding Synagro contract, we discussed City Council approval after everyone else had signed off. Beeckman agrees. 

Bobby fully sleeping. Evelyn inadvertently wakes him up to ask him a question. 

9:47AM Gerald Evelyn, Bobby's lawyer, cross examines. 

Evelyn brings up transcript of conversation Bernard has with bobby about contacting Shakib Deria on the Book Cadillac project. 

Evelyn says this is a job that Ferguson's company won as a result of a bid. The job being sub-contracting on Book Cadillac. Correct says Beeckman. 

Evelyn says that Bobby mentions Marous brothers. Beeckman says they are contractors from Cleveland.