Sauer says he did not find any large non taxable sources of cash, anything over $5,000. didn't identify any inheritance, loan or civil judgments. 

Sauer says he conducted exhaustive review of Kwame's finance. 

Sauer says he reviewed Kwame's account prior to becoming mayor and his activities changed. 

Sauer says he saw cash deposits going into Kwame's bank account and cash expenditures for paying credit cards, loans and cashier's checks. 

Sauer saying based on this, Kwame did not have a cash source of income. 

Sauer says he accounted for Kwame's job as mayor of Detroit. 

Looking at a summary chart of cash deposits and expenditures at financial institutions for Kwame from 2001 through 2008. Looking at bank accounts or cash transactions at financial institutions involving Kwame. 

Highlighting a column: Cash payments on First Independence Bank Mastercard. 2001 is blank., In 2002, $12,500, $41,100 in 2003, $34,700 in 2004, $30,600 in 2005, $62,900 in 2006, $57,100 in 2007, $43,250 in 2008. Total cash paid in those years $282,150, that includes the $12,500 from 2002. 

These payments are separate from what is being direct deposited into his JP Morgan Chase account from the city of Detroit. 

Now looking at cash deposits in Kwame's JP Morgan Chase accounts- 2 accounts in just his name which was were most of the cash went and 1 joint with his wife.  In 2002, when he opened his account, there was $7,200 cash deposit. In2003, it was $36,100. Checks were being drawn on that account. In 2004, it was $25,900. In 2005, $30,700, in 2006 it was $24,200, in 2007 it was $36,950 and in 2008 it was $33,300. Total cash deposits in that period $194,350.


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Bullota continues with IRS agent Ron Sauer. 

Now looking at third row: cash purchases at First Independence Bank, cashier's checks bought with cash.

One check for $14,000 in 2005 and $20,546.46 in 2008. The total is $34,546.46. 

Looking at cash deposits into Bank of America account for both Kwame and Carlita- in 2008 it was $8,833. 

Cash loan payments at First Independence Bank- in 2008, $6,677.26. Total because that was the only one. 

Cash deposit at Premier Bank in Tallahassee Florida towards purchase of house in 2007: in 2007, cash deposits total $3,000. 

Going back to cash deposit and transaction chart summary for Kwame from yesterday: $531,401.72 between 2001 and 2008. 

Looking at a chart representing fund to Carlita and cash withdrawals out of U.N.I.T.E account at Comerica. October 16th 2000 though April 18th 2002. 

First column is date, second is whether it is check or cash. Sauer was demonstrating maximum amount of cash Carlita would have had access to. 

Maximum of cash Carlita could access: $17,021.75. 

The $531,401.72 does not include cash payments on suits or cash payment to Judy Smith, crisis manager. 

Sauer says he looked at Kwame's banking activity in 2001 before he was mayor. 

Cash deposit into NuUnion Credit Union Account in 2001 and early 2002. It was where then state rep Kwame would deposit his checks. Nothing for 2001 and 2002 in terms of cash deposits.