New summary chart for NuUnion deposit activity for Kwame from January 2001 through May 2002. 

Looking at 1.73 for ATM adjustment. On January 4th, 2001, his payroll payment which was about $1,656, then more for similar amounts being deposited. No cash is being deposited. 

Summary of cash withdrawals fro NuUnion account for Kwame from January 2001 through May 2002. See frequent cash withdrawals for moderate or small amounts at ATM, $20 here or $100 there. Largest is less than $500. 

Banking activity is mostly salary deposit and small cash withdrawals but no cash deposits. 

In 2002, more so in 2003, Sauer testifies that there was a change in banking activity. More cash deposits and few withdrawals from JP Morgan Chase account. 

11:15AM Chart is the personal bank account and cash expenditure summary for Kwame in 2002 and 2008. The JP Morgan chase accounts that were Kwame's individually. 

Both individual accounts at JP Morgan Chase. Sauer says that in 2002 all the mayoral checks were not deposited into JP Morgan Chase account some went into NuUnion account. But after 2003, all mayoral salary deposited into JP Morgan Chase accounts. 

Sauer says he is comparing Kwame's net wages from city to outflows from JP Morgan Chase account and cash expenditures. 

Total wages were $605,777.57 from 2002 through 2008. The next total is cash deposits into the 2 JP Morgan $188,000. Subtracted $15,054 which represents the cash withdrawals. The net cash deposits is $172,945.35. Other check deposits into accounts: $166,719.76. Transfers in: $139,343.70 from Chase credit card. Total deposits into 2 accounts: $1,099,841.03. Looking at what went out of account: $1,099,841.03. 

Cash transactions a outside those 2 accounts: more than $346,000. 

Net wages 2002-2008: $605,777.57 

Outflows: $1,4448,739.90 

Expenditures in excess of wages: $840,962.33 in excess of Kwame's net wages. "Kwame Kilpatrick living beyond his means on a city of Detroit salary," says Sauer. Clearly. 

On to the Kilpatrick Civic Fund, a tax exempt non-profit. 

Summary of identified personal expenses for Kwame out of the Kilpatrick Civic Fund. 

Lists several expenses including: Center for Yoga $900, La Costa Resort and Spa $8,605.33, Tom Deaton's Driving Ranges (golf) $3,050, $1,397 for Spy Ops, $1,150 for Four Seasons, Super Camp for $4,500 (Kwame and Jeff Beasley's children went to this camp), $300,000 for Impact Strategies (Judy Smith crisis manager), more Super Camp for $2,640, $1,368 for Northwest Airlines (flights for Carlita and boys), Gaylord Texan for $3750, Impact Strategies for $40,464.24, Hilton Southlake Townsquare for $5,180, Regality Management Services for $9,400, $1,050, $2,350 for prepayment of rental apartment after moving out of Manoogian, $15,000 cashier's check to pay University Moving for moving expenses. 

Didn't include political expenses or trips for Kwame that they weren't sure were personal or not. Sauer said he was conservative in his estimates. 

So breakdown for Kwame personal expenses paid by the Kilpatrick Civic Fund: In 2006: $11,655.03, in 2007: $1,397, 2007, in 2008: $138,143.75. Civic Fund was winding down in 2008 

Total Kwame personal expenses identified out of Kilpatrick Civic Fund: $152,095.86. 

All this is taxable income for Kwame. 

Sauer determined that Kwame took a tax class with Professor Storrs in the fall of 1997 while at law school. Kwame got a C+ in that class. Couldn't interview professor because he is dead. 

So Kwame should understand how taxes work. 

11:40AM Jim Thomas to cross examine. Jurors dismissed while the lawyers take up an issue on exhibits.

11:45AM Lawyer sidebar disbands. Judge Edmunds calls for a further 5 minute break. 

11:57AM Court back in session. Thomas starts his cross.