Looking at the Kilpatrick Civic Fund check for $5,000 to Florida A & M. Check signed by Christine Beatty and Derrick Miller. 

Now looking at the gift receipt for Florida A & M sent to the Manoogian Mansion address in October 2007. 

Sauer says the gift receipt was given to the tax preparer by Kwame. Sauer says he has no idea what happened to it in the house before it got to Terrell. 

Thomas says it is possible that Kwame never saw the gift receipt before he sent it to Terrell. Sauer says he would have had to gather documents before sending them to Terrell. 

Thomas says do you foreclose the possibility that Carlita opened the tax receipt. Thomas says that between November 2007 and April 2008, you don't know what happened to the document. Sauer says all he knows it was delivered to Gregory Terrell by Kwame. 

"We got that," says Thomas. 

Thomas says the gift receipt does not say Kilpatrick Civic Fund. "I could tell you why," says Sauer. 

Thomas saying he wants Sauer's knowledge not what someone else told him. 

Thomas says the gift receipt says that Kwame gave $5,000. Sauer says it is addressed to Kwame. Then revises and says it is a receipt to him. 

Thomas says we have heard of people making mistakes in this trial. Thomas says if you and I make a mistake, we can address the possibility.  Thomas says that it wasn't filed willfully or intentionally but on the mistaken presumption that Kwame made a donation. 

"I can't agree with that," says Sauer. 

It's either willful or a mistake do you agree with that. Yes says Sauer. 

"We'll leave it to the jury to determine which it is," says Thomas. 

Thomas bringing up cash payments and deposits summary. Thomas asks if its the first time he has done such a summary. Sauer says it is not. 

Thomas says 2001 and 2002 were not charged years but you included them in your categorization. But not included for purposes of alleged criminality in this case. Thomas wants to know why the years are included. Sauer says chart is for overall case and not just tax purposes. 

Thomas says cash transactions not included would affect validity of the chart. Thomas asks if he has explored any financial institution that Kwame had access to. Sauer says every financial institution that he could identify and subpoena. 

Thomas says you served various subpoenas to many banks. 

Thomas says so this set of bank accounts is not all banks accounts that Kwame had access to. Sauer says Carlita had another account at Comerica. 

Thomas says so without Carlita's information that Kwame had access to your summary is not complete. Sauer says it is complete. Carlita only had income until 2003 and she was not a source of cash for Kwame. 

"That is your conclusion," says Thomas. 

Thomas says without Carlita is is not complete. Sauer stands firm. "This is complete," says Sauer. 

"If you look at the top of the chart it says Kwame Kilpatrick. Not Kwame and Carlita Kilpatrick," says Sauer. 

Sauer says he analyzed Carlita's account and she was not a source of cash for Kwame. 

Thomas says at the beginning of the trial, Sauer attempted to make a correlation between payments on Kwame's credit cards and payments made by other people. Sauer doesn't remember. 

Thomas brings up Emma Bell. Sauer doesn't remember specific questions about Emma Bell. "Well the jury will," says Thomas.