Sauer says he analyzed and there did not appear to be a "cash horde." 

Sauer says he was aware that netween 1996 and 2000 both Kwame and Carlita were employed. Sauer says that Kwame made significantly less. Thomas asks but their joint income was significantly less? So they didn't have income to money Kwame made as mayor? Sauer says he didn't say that and he has to see tax returns.


Thomas asking about Kwame's house on Leslie St and that payments were only $400 a month. Sauer says he doesn't recall. 

Sauer says that Kwame's ability to leave within his means on his mayoral salary was non-existent. 

Thomas asking about whether Kwame lived within his means prior to becoming mayor. Sauer says that wasn't part of his investigation. 

Thomas saying there could have been an accumulation of wealth prior to 2001. Sauer saying prior to 2001, he made frequent cash withdrawals and that someone with a cash horde would just go to a "shoe box" and take money out of there. 

Thomas produces a document that is the defense's compilation of cash withdrawals. Sauer says they already have this and it's in evidence. 

Sauer says that he can say it was frequent, small withdrawals. 

Looking at chart of withdrawals from January 2001 to May 2002: $21,495,77 total withdrawals, $16,274.14 in 2001 and $5,221.63 in 2002. 

Sauer says Carlita had Comerica account from at least 2000 to 2004. 

Thomas says are you aware that she had another account from 1996 to 2000. 

Thomas asks if he analyzed her Comerica from 1996 through 1999. Sauer says no. 

Thomas says so how can you rule out that she could have accumulated funds. Sauers says that Carlita was making frequent, small withdrawals which is not something that someone with a cash horde does. 

"That's your conclusion but does not rule out the possibility that it happened," says Thomas. Sauer agrees. 

Thomas says are you suggesting that the only way that a person gets cash are bribes or cash deposits. 

Thomas asking if Sauer is aware that Kwame received loans in 2008. Sauer says he is not aware of loans in 2008. 

Sauer saying that the loans from the 4 Detroit business men was not in cash but were checks that were only deposited into Carlita's account in 2009. 

Thomas then references another loan to Kilpatrick's kids. 

Thomas asks if Sauer was aware of gifting to Kilpatrick,  that is not taxable. 

Sauer indicates Kilpatricks 30th Birthday party at the Majestic Theatre. Thomas talking about Athenaeum event for Marvel Cheeks for his 90th. 

Thomas says that fund-raising could occur at these events. 

Thomas says are you telling me that you or anyone on your behalf called A & M called yesterday. No says Sauer. 

But you have the resources to do that. Yes says Sauer. 

The Majestic theatre was not on your radar before we raised the issue with you. Sauer says today is the first I hear of the Majestic.