12:35PM Sauer says he is aware of a watch gifted to Kwame by his staff. 

Thomas saying something about the Detroit Police Department giving Kwame cash gifts. 

Thomas talking about Kwame's "Splash of Red" 35th birthday party and that there were literally hundreds of guests there. 

Thomas says they will have testimony supporting this. 

Thomas says you didn't investigate "Splash of Red" party. Sauer says he did not. 

That there were literally hundreds of people at the Athenaeum. Sauer says he did not. 

Thomas says that the investigation included the owners of the Athenaeum. Sauer believes they were part of the investigation. 

Sauer says he has talked to some of Kwame's former staff. 

Thomas asks if he ever asked staff about gifting to Kwame. Sauer seems he wasn't personally involved in staff interviews. 

Thomas saying if 200 people came to the party and each gave $50 that would come to $100,000. Umm not sure the math is right on that. 

"I'm not going to disagree with your math Mr. Thomas, just your facts," says Sauer. Think you might have to agent Sauer. 

Thomas asking Sauer about one of Kwame's Chase accounts. 

Thomas discussing June 9th 2006. Asks Sauer to look at series of checks. 

Looking at a check from Clotilde Fowler for $36 to Kwame Kilpatrick on June 10th 2006. Memo line reads "Happy birthday." 

Another check from James Brown for $25 to Kwame.

Another for $25 from an unknown source. 

Another for $50 from Thomas Mathis. Another for $200 from Marjorie Bodford. Another for $100 and then another for $100 from a Nancy Carey. 

One for $500 from Tetra Butler-Dudler. Again Happy Birthday. 

Another for $500 from the Jacksons for Blessed birthday. 

Two more $100 checks for including one from the Temple Faith Church. 

Two more for $50. 

One from Martell & Associates for $100 to Kwame. Sauer says this is from a business account. Thomas telling him to assume it's from Mr. Martell. Sauer says he can't assume that. 

These checks are all in the June 9th 2006 time frame with Happy Birthday. 

Mazin Shina wrote one for $1,000. 

Then another for $200.