Thomas says that banks have become very selective since 9/11 in who they do business.

 Sauer agrees that banks have become more careful since 9/11. 

Thomas says so you don't agree with me that people in Detroit have difficulty getting checking accounts. 

Thomas says one explanation for cash given at the party is that there was no check to trace back. Sauer agrees that's a possibility. 

Thomas says did you issue any subpoenas to any check cashing stores in Detroit. I did not says Sauer. 

What about Western Union? Possibly says Sauer but I would have to check records on that.

Thomas says because that would be an extra indication of Kilpatrick having more cash available in those years. 

Sauer says he has seen no evidence of use of check cashing businesses. Sauer says Kwame had accounts he used. 

"the evidence isn't supporting what you're portraying," says Sauer. "There is no evidence supporting cash loans or gifts to Kilpatrick." 

Sauer did not check any check cashing stores he says again. 

Thomas directs witness to purchase of red Escalade at Dalgleish Cadillac. Thomas asks if Kwame was being actively monitored by IRS at the time. 

Thomas asking if Kwame was being monitored by the IRS around the time of his incarceration in 2008. 

Thomas asking if Sauer knew about the send off by Kwame's mother and sisters 3 days before he went to jail and there was gifting that went on. Sauer doesn't know about that. 

Thomas says that Kwame's mother gave Kwame $4,000. Looking at the cashier's check from Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick. 

Sauer agrees that cashier's check is in Cheeks Kilpatrick's name. 

Sauer says that the Escalade is from 2009 so it doesn't impact the tax charges. The cashier's check just proves that it went to purchase the car. 

Sauer says he didn't personally interview Kwame's mother. She went before the grand jury. 

9:25AM Looking at series of transactions that occurred after October 2008.

Thomas showing a series of transactions around the time Kwame went to Wayne county jail in 2008. 

Looking at deposit of $4,400 into joint Comerica account for Kwame and Carlita on October 20th 2008. 

Looking at another deposit on October 27th $1,000 in cash and the rest is unintelligible. Talk into the microphone Thomas!!!! 

Looking  check from Willa Walls for $100 in October 2008. 

Tunesia Fowler Turner check for $100 in October 2008. Memo line says "Love you" 

Marvel Cheeks check for $100. 

Clotilde Fowler for $100. Also "Love you" in the memo line. Again in October 2008.