Patricia Peoples, a relative of Kwame, February 13th 2009. Check for $250. 

Sauer says that it appears that checks were given to Kwame and that checks are not captured in cash analysis. 

Thomas says that is not the question. It's about cash that could have been gifted around the same time these checks were written. 

Sauer says it did pique their interest so those people were placed on a grand jury. 

Thomas says they may have known about others if they had seen it. 

Sauer says there were cash transactions before "Splash of Red" party in 2006 and after 2006. 

Thomas says how would you know if you didn't know about all the parties and that there was no cash given to him at these parties. 

Sauer says the findings and evidence do not support Thomas's theory. 

Sauer further says they took investigative steps to find cash sources of gifts. Sauer says they put many people on grand jury. 

Sauer agrees that he did not know about Splash of Red party. 

Thomas says so the gifts from that were not included in the summary. The lawyer says he wants to know sum total of Sauer's knowledge. 

Thomas references Splash of Red party, the Detroit Police party where gifts were made. 

Thomas says so the Detroit Police party not factored into summary or Kwame's 30th birthday. 

Thomas says if you didn't know about it, it couldn't have been accounted for. 

Sauer says if the cash was received and deposited, it is included in the analysis. 

Sauer agreeing that Kilpatrick Civic Fund is a tax exempt corporation and further agrees he is not a specialist on 501c4 corporations. 

Looking at the application for tax exempt status for the Kilpatrick Civic Fund. 

Surprise, surprise Thomas showing us the articles of incorporation for the Civic fund. He loves trotting these out at every opportunity. 

Sauer says this document was reviewed by IRS personnel. 

Really hard to understand what Thomas is asking as he not talking into the microphone. No idea what he is saying. 

Sauer saying tax exempt status was approved for the Civic Fund. 

Thomas says would you agree that Kilpatrick was representing the city of Detroit from 2002. Sauer agrees. 

Thomas saying that the articles were amended with respect to political participation. 

"They were never amended with the IRS," says Sauer. 

"They were never submitted to the IRS," says Sauer. He is claiming the amendments to allow for political activities were never given to the IRS.