Sauer saying that he is not saying they weren't amended but they were never submitted to the IRS.

9:45AM Sauer says he believes the amendments were submitted to the state of Michigan. 

Looks like there is a fav receipt stamp for July 26th 2001. The amendments signed by Derrick Miller in July 2001. 

Sauer saying the original application for the Civic Fund is the only thing that was ever submitted to the IRS. 

Kwame is very invested in this testimony right now. Shaking his head, writing lots of notes. 

Article c): Educate Detroit residents on the importance of voting. 

US Attorney Michael Bullotta requests a sidebar. The lawyers all march over to the judge's bench. 

Sidebar disbanded. Thomas finally speaking into the microphone.

 Revised article c) emphasizes educating Detroit residents on voting. 

Now looking at revision of paragraph 4. Talks about the participating in and distribution of political statements. 

Thomas asks Sauer what was going on in the city in July 2001. Kwame was running for mayor. 

Derrick Miller signed the revised articles on July 24th 2001. They were received by the state of Michigan on July 26th 2001 but never by the IRS. 

Looking at consent of the Board of Directors on July 23rd 2001. Includes signatures from Ayanna Kilpatrick, Christine Beatty the board members Derrick Miller, Erik Rayford and William Phillips, the Secretary for the Civic Fund board. Kwame is not a board member of the Civic Fund at this point. 

Sauer says he thinks Kwame may still have signed some Civic Fund checks after this point. 

Thomas saying something about pre-signed checks. 

Thomas says that the Civic Fund was audited at one point in a civil investigation. Sauer says the criminal investigation stopped it. 

Looking at resignation of Kwame from the board of the Civic Fund on July 21st 2001. Ayanna Kilpatrick resigned as Secretary on August 21st 2001. 

Thomas says that the exhibit on Ayanna is being withdrawn because there are typos. 

Sauer says that William Phillips stepped away from the board of the Civic Fund sometime in 2008. 

Thomas discussing a metting of the board members of the Civic Fund at the Manoogian Mansion just before Kwame went to jail in October 2008. 

Sauer says he is aware of a meeting called by Kwame at the Manoogian Mansion. Not sure on the exact timing bit before Kwame went to jail. 

Thomas says the importance of this is whether William Phillips was at the meeting. 

Bullota objects on speculation. Judge overrules. 

Sauer doesn't know if Phillips was at the meeting. 

Thomas says Phillips was working for a large law firm in Detroit.