Looking at a document from Phillips's law firm reviewing the dates that Phillips worked on a document for the city of Detroit. Thomas says that it is for the Civic Fund. Starting on April 28th 1999. 

Addressed to "Christian Beatty"- aka Christine Beatty. 

Looks like Phillips spent considerable time helping craft the Civic Fund document. 

Thomas says Phillips isn't the only lawyer working on the file. Sauer says that is possible. 

10:10AM Phillips still working on Civic Fund file in May 2001 which is just prior to the revised articles of incorporation being sent to the state of Michigan. 

So Thomas says there is a lawyer has been revising the statutes of the Civic Fund. 

There is a reference to Don Barden. Sauer says he thinks he is a Detroit businessman. 

2 entries for July 9th 2001 for Phillips' billing invoice detailing research on 501c3 and 501c4. 

Now looking at August 29th 2001 Free Press article "Kilpatrick Took Donation, now Questions Propriety." Infamous story about homeless shelter operator Jon Rutherford donating $50,000 to the Kilpatrick Civic Fund. 

Thomas shows that Phillips's firm Pepper Hamilton was billing for services in August 2001 around the time of the Rutherford/Civic Fund scandal. 

On August 24th 2001, there is a meeting and a review of IRS codes: "Conference with W. Phillips regarding political activity limitations." There is also research on IRS revenue rulings and into Michigan campaign finance laws. 

"Meeting with Berg, Beatty, Kilpatrick and Miller regarding Civic Fund Tax research on political activity limitations for 501c4." Listed on August 27th 2001. 

Bullotta calls for sidebar. Lawyers head over to judge's bench. Kwame hightails it out of the courtroom. 

So it would seems that Thomas is trying to indicate in painstaking detail that Kilpatrick and company spent many hours with their lawyer William Phillips going over laws involving the Kilpatrick Civic Fund and thus would not be inclined to break them. 

Judge clarifies to the jury that the objection is that the witness Sauer doesn't know what was going on at the law firm. Bullotta objecting that there is no foundation to ask this witness these questions. Judge says that the defense is under no obligation to bring in another witness to ask about the law firm billings. 

10:29AM Judge calls for a 20 minute break. 

Thomas asks if these billings are not specific and detailed. "It is specific," says Sauer.

10:58AM Jurors filter back in. Thomas continues with questioning Sauer about lawyer billings for consultations on the Civic Fund. 

Looking specifically at activity between August 27th and 30th 2001. On the 30th, describes "Legal research review of the Michigan Campaign Act, conference with B. Berg re same, conference with K. Kilpatrick re same." 

Judge sneezes and blows her nose. Juror says bless you. Judge tells jurors to stay healthy. 

Thomas makes some joke about no one saying God Bless you to the defendant. 

Thomas discussing specific exemptions to the Civic Fund. Talking about check from Civic Fund to the Great Wolf Lodge. Sauer remembers it. It was for $1,110. Sauer doesn't remember the amount. 

Thomas asks if this made it on the personal expenses spreadsheet IRS made. Sauer says he can't remember. 

Thomas bringing up the summary of personal expenses identified. 

Looking at the Spy Ops expenditure for $1,397 for October 2007. Thomas saying that the witness testified about that there was a desk that had Warren Evans nameplate on it. Sauer says he remembers that but that service was not related to this check. Thomas says that Warren Evans never occupied space on the 11th floor where the mayor's offices were.