Looking at Marriott Express Cypress Harbor Orlando for $367.88. Thomas says if Kwame was on business for this trip would it be an expenditure. Sauer says it was Bernard and has no idea if he was there doing business for the Civic Fund. 

Now the first payment to Judy smith's Impact Strategies. Sauer says he recalls her testimony that she did no work for the Civic Fund. 

The Hilton Southlake and the Super Camp for $2640. Sauer agrees that the super Camp is an educational camp sponsored by Ivy League school. Sauer says he can imagine it was an educational experience for the Kilpatrick children and Jeaff Beasley's son. 

Sauer says he believes this was personal expenses.

"That is your opinion," says Thomas. 

"Yes it is," says Sauer. 

$5180 at Hilton Southlake on September 17th 2008. 

Lots of Hilton Southlake expenses in December 2008. 

Now Thomas loops back to the Civic Fund meeting in October 2008. April Edgar, Christine Beatty and others with the Civic Fund were there. Kwame was leaving office and leaving his residence at the Manoogian. Sauer says Kwame had pleaded guilty to charges in Wayne County and was facing incarceration. 

Sauer saying he is not sure about the exact date. 

Thomas says so Kwame was out of work, no place to stay, no job line up and travel restricted. 

"I don't know if that characterization is accurate," says Sauer. 

Thomas says that without Kwame in the room the meeting participants decided that things related to the move would be paid by the Civic Fund. So Thomas wants to know why these expenses were identified as personal expenses. 

Thomas asks if he is aware of Kwame ever contributed personally to the Civic Fund. 

"He may have," says Sauer. 

Looking at a check from May 6th of 2005 there is a personal check from Kwame for $1,500 for the Kilpatrick Civic Fund. 

So Thomas says it looks like there was money going in from Kwame into the Civic Fund. 

Sauer agrees that in May 2005 there was money going into the Civic Fund. 

Thomas asks if the Marriott Legacy town Center was included on list of personal expenses. 

Suaer can't remember. 

Thomas asks if Sauer is aware of trips Kilpatrick took to Texas related to the Civic fund. 

Sauer says he is not aware of any. 

Thomas hands a check to Sauer and asks if he recognizes it. 

It is a check to the Marriott Legacy Town Center for $982 on May 12th 2008. Signed by April Edgar and Derrick Miller. Sauer says it was not included on his list. 

Looking at the Four Seasons in Dallas for $1,150 is on the list.