Thomas says that there are some trips to Texas that the IRS didn't put on  list and others that they did. Sauer agrees. 

Judge tells jury that just because a lawyer puts facts into a question that doesn't mean the facts are true. 

Thomas asking if Sauer is aware that Comerica moved its headquarters from Detroit to Dallas. 

Sauer doesn't recall exactly where the move was to. 

Thomas asks if Sauer was aware that the city did lots of business with Comerica and Kwame wasn't happy about the move. 

Thomas says is it too that Kwame met with banking officials to negotiate their transfer to Texas. Talking specifically around May 2008. 

Sauer says he remembers from news coverage that Kwame no longer wanted to do business with Comerica because they moved out of Michigan.  

11:28AM Looking at the check for $1,150 to the Four Seasons on March 31st 2008 drawn from Civic Fund. 

Sauer says he knows who Reverend TD Jakes is but does not knowing about a meeting with him and Kwame in Texas. 

Looking at a check to Potter's House from Civic Fund for $1,000 on April 4th 2008. Memo line reads Donation. Potter House is affiliated with Jakes's church. 

Thomas says we have seen certain checks. Thomas places a blank sheet of paper in  front of him "for demonstrative purposes." 

Thomas writes on the sheet $5180 from Hilton Southlake. 

"I have very little trust in Mr. Thomas's math and recollection," says Sauer about needing to see the spreadsheet of identified personal expenses again. 

Thomas writes another $1735 for Hilton Southlake town Square. Another item for $1574 and then another $1735. all at Hilton Southlake Town Square. 

Thomas is essentially listing all the expenses that should be excluded. Sauer used his calculator and initially comes up with $11,292.73. Thomas gets him to add an additional 1735 and the new total is $13,027.73. That's the amount Thomas is arguing shouldn't be included in personal expenses from the Civic Fund. 

Thomas hands Sauer a document from October 22nd 2010. 

Looking at cashier's check for April 13th 2008 for $13,027.73. Says remitted by Carlita and Kwame. Thomas says that's the exact amount we came up with. Saying the Kilpatricks reimbursed the Civic Fund that exact amount. 

11:41AM US Attorney Michael Bullotta redirects. 

August 13th 2008 is when the subpoena was served to Kwame on the Civic Fund. 

The payment from Kwame back to the Civic Fund was on April 13th 2009. Sauer says that did not pay back the total amount which was more than $152,000. 

Sauer says that he didn't include some expenses because he gave Kwame the benefit of the doubt that he was conducting Civic Fund business. 

Bullotta asks about Southlake, TX stays in September 2008. Witness Mahlon Clift testifies that the Kilpatrick's were there shopping for a new house. Bullotta asks if that is why Sauer included it. Sauer says it is. 

Bullotta brings back to the articles of incorporation and asks if it lists anywhere for personal uses or for the use of the campaign of Kilpatrick for mayor. Sauer says it does not. 

Sauer reads the corporation should not carry on any activity that goes against the 501c4. Paraphrasing here. 

Sauer says that the Civic Fund is a tax exempt organization.