Bullotta brings back William Phillips's law firm billings. Looking at meeting activity in 2001. Bullotta says you were questioned about Kwame getting legal advice on the 501c4. 

Bullotta asks about the debate that occurred later that discussed what the Civic Fund could and could not do. 

Thomas asks for sidebar. 

Bernard passes a note to Mike Rataj who passes it to Bobby. 

Sidebar disbands and Bullotta says he wants to show clip from October 28th 2008 which was after those meetings. 

"We haven't used one penny, not one penny of the Civic Fund on this campaign because it's not allowed by law," says Kwame in the debate clip. 

Sauer agrees with what Kwame said on the clip about the legality of using Civic Fund monies. 

11:53AM Juror asks for a quick break.

12:05PM Looking at Kwame's resignation as Chairman of the Board from the Kilpatrick Civic Fund on August 21st 2001. 

Looking at a Civic Fund check for $1009.47 check to Sonnenalp Resort on November 7th 2002. 

Text exchange between Beatty and Kwame on November 9th 2002. 

Judge calls for sidebar. 

In the exchange, which we do not get to look at but have seen before, Kwame directs Beatty to get a check from the Civic Fund out of his bag to pay for the stay. 

Looking at a cash deposit of $4400 at Bank of America on October 20th 2008. 

Bullotta references October 2008 checks Thomas showed that Kwame received before going to jail. 

The checks seem to be dated October 22nd 2008. Bullotta says based on that, is it possible that Kwame took those to check cashing business on October 20th 2008. Sauer says no. 

Sauer says he tabulated all the checks Thomas introduced yesterday given to Kwame in June 2006. The total was $3846. 

Bullotta says that Thomas alluded that people may have also given cash. 

Looking at summary of Kwame's cash payments at the First Independence Bank. Looks like a cash payment was made on June 15th 2006 for $4,000. Sauer looked for cash deposits in June and did not find any. This was the only cash transaction that Sauer found. 

Sauer agrees that there are more cash deposits and payments after that date. Agrees too that cash deposits seem to be in round numbers. 

Looking at a $10 check to Kwame for $10 on June 18th 2006. Memo line reads "Our mayor" from Mabilene rogers. Kwame deposited it into his account. 

Looking at $1000 check to Kwame from Mazin and Basim Shina of June 9th 2006. The Shinas also gave $1000 to the Civic Fund in April 2008. Sauer agrees these checks were not included in his cash summary. 

Carilta's personal Comerica account was opened August 2000 and closed at the end of 2004. Sauer says that Carlita did not withdraw enough from her accounts to account for Kwame's large cash transactions. 

Total amount of cash withdrawals from Carlita's Comerica account was $26,813.70 from late 2002 through 2004. 

Looking again at the difference between Kwame's net wages between 2002 and 2008 and his outflows that came to $840,962.33