Bobby's lawyers Mike Rataj and Susan Van Dusen are chatting. Bullota asks the judge is there can be a little less talking because he is having a hard time hearing the witness. 

Bullotta asks if witness is aware that in 2008 Kwame left office and didn't get his full salary for the year. Witness says he is. 

Total tax owed by Kwame to the IRS for the period between 2003 and 2008 is $195,403.61. 

Now looking at computation of the understated income. 

Increase in taxable income after corrections: $78,100 in 2003, $60,600 in 2004, $75,293 in 2005. Removes sheet before I can get the next 2 years. 

Now looking at 2008. Increase in taxable income is $250,250.47. Kwame reported only $41,299 when he should have reported $291,549.47. 

Witness says he didn't take into accounts personal checks, private checks, cash for suits. strictly cash that went in, credit card payments and cashier's checks. Also no payments from the Kilpatrick Civic Fund that may have gone to the Kilpatrick Civic Fund. 

12:55PM Judge mentioning additional coverage of Kwame outside of what is going on in the courtroom. Edmunds says it is really important to continue to avoid all coverage and to not let people bend their ear about it. 

Court adjourns for the weekend and will reconvene Monday morning at 9AM. 

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