Chutkow says that evidence should be prohibited. 

Thomas counters it is a relevance not character issue. Feels they should be fairly allowed to rebut the culture of corruption assertion. 

Judge Edmunds reads from another case as a citation for her ruling. She says that she understands this case has been tried as a culture of corruption case and that there are RICO charges that are different from bribery and extortion. She will allow Thomas's 2 witnesses and 2 witnesses only. One will testify to contribution and the other will testify to overall payments in general. 

Judge says she will not allow a witness to testify about Kilpatrick's good actions while in office. 

Rataj points at the door and says "Your honor 2 seconds" and bolts for the door. Soon followed by Thomas who also makes a bolt for the bathroom. 

10:06AM Jurors finally enter the courtroom but now we have to wait for Thomas and Rataj to return. 

And they are back. Thomas grabs some papers and walks out the door, I'm imagining to look for the witness. 

Male witness is sworn in. Joseph Zainea is co-owner of the Majestic Theater Center for 26 years. Works there with his 2 sons. Combination of a restaurant, bowling center and 2 nightclubs. 

Discussing Kwame's 30th birthday. 

"Highlight of it is that I got to be babysitter to Mr. Kilpatrick's 2 young boys," says witness about how he looked after the boys while their parents were talking to a planner.

 Looking at an invite for the party which includes a baby shot of Kwame, one of him as a young boy and another as he was at the time. 

Witness says he babysat the twins while plans for the party were being made. Said that there were between 200 to 300 people at the party. Witness got a check for $5,200 from Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick. 

Thomas points to  "Wishing well" at the bottom of the invitation. Witness says that is something to indicate money donations. 

Thomas is done and government has no questions for the witness. He's done and gone.

10:17AM New witness on the stand. Erik Rayford. Worked as bank examiner for federal government. Known Kwame for many years, went to Cass Tech together. Maintained friendship after college.

Banking a heavily regulated industry says witness and he enforces regulations banks have to follow. 

Witness was involved with the Kilpatrick Civic Fund. Witness says there was a 20 year period where they talked on a regular basis but no so much the last few years. Assisted Kwame in both mayoral campaigns. 

Rayford says he had no interest in politics and wanted to keep his friendship with Kwame separate from a working one. 

Witness says he became involved in the Civic Fund because it was a good way to serve the community. Understood it was a way to separate political activities from community activities. 

Thomas asks witness if he understands the difference between candidate specific activity and general political activity. Witness says he does not. 

Rayford says he doesn't recall Kwame resigning from the Civic Fund but that it did seem that he stepped away from an official role at one point. 

Rayford says he can't remember the specific years he worked with Civic Fund. Thinks it started just before Kwame became mayor. Lasted for several years through Kilpatrick's administrations. so from about 2001 through 2008. 

Thomas points to restarted articles of incorporation. Witness does not recall them. 

Rayford recalls Derrick Miller, Christine Beatty, Ayanna Kilpatrick, Kwame being on the Board. Witness says that meetings occurred once a year. there was a lawyer usually present at meetings, William Phillips. 

Witness's understanding was the Phillips was there to ensure that the follow the rules with the Civic Fund.