Rayford says that Phillips was at every annual meeting to ensure that they sign proper documents. Says that the meetings were formally conducted. 

Rayford says that they had meetings at Phillip's office, in the conference room. 

Rayford says that it gave him comfort to follow rules by having Phillips with them, that it ensured they stay within the proper "bounds." 

Rayford says he was at Kwame's wedding ceremony. 

Witness says he went to the Bahamas for Kwame's wedding. 

Looking at the wedding invitation. September 9th 1995 in Nassau, Bahamas- Kwame and Carlita's wedding date and location. Reception was at Wayne County Building Atrium. 

kwame Kilpatrick jan 17

Witness thinks there were guests in the "hundreds". At the bottom of the invitation it indicates "Monetary Gifts Preferred." Witness believes he gave such a gift. 

Rayford says that Kwame had many birthday parties. Discussing the "Splash of Red" party for Kwame. Look at the invitation for the party at the ballroom in the Atheneum. 

Rayford says he was disappointed in the lack of hip hop at the party. 

Witness says there were many guests at the party. He wore a black shirt with a splash of red. 

Rayford does not recall gifts being solicited at the party but not saying it did not occur. He would think that people gave cash gifts as they did at other parties. 

Discussing a meeting in 2008 at the Manoogian Mansion for members of the Civic Fund board. Rayford says that Kwame was facing something "negative, public, court-involved." Believes Kwame was facing jail. Thinks he was leaving office and was facing negative publicity. 

Purpose of the meeting was to bring the board together to dissolve the Fund because the mayor was no longer to be in office. Discussing giving funds to the mayor. 

Believes Ayanna called the meeting. Says Ayanna, himself were at the meeting. Having trouble recalling who else. Comes up with Phillips, April Edgar. Does not believe Derrick Miller was there. 

Rayford says meeting was in dining room of Manoogian Mansion. Says Kwame spoke to them and updated them on what was going on in his life. 

US Attorney Michael Bullotta objects. 

Witness says Kwame let them know he was leaving office and would be moving away. Says that after that, he left the meeting.

10:40AM When Kwame left, witness says they discussed financial support when he left office. Says Phillips was in the office when that was discussed.

Rayford does not think that anything was wrong with what they discussed. Especially as lawyer Phillips did not object to any of it. Says Kwame was not in the room when vote was taken to financially support him with the Civic Fund.

Rayford that everyone on the Civic Fund board including himself was vilified by the media for this support of Kwame.

Witness says the media exposure impacted his job.

Bullotta objects. Judge sustains.

Rayford says he did not feel manipulated at the Civic Fund meetings.  

Rayford says as bank examiner, he is familiar with inner city.