Looking at witness's grand jury testimony. 

Bullotta objects. Thomas argues for relevance. Judge calls for sidebar because she is not sure. 

Thomas asks if witness was prepared for questions to the grand jury. He says he met with prosecutor but does not recall being set up with questions. 

Thomas says that he did answer in grand jury testimony that William Phillips was at the meeting. 

Judge asks Thomas to read questions without editorializing. 

Sounds like witness did testify to grand jury that Phillips was at the meeting. Mentioned in grand jury testimony that Phillips gave advice on how money should be spent. 

Rayford still believes that Phillips gave advice on how money could be spent. 

Witness says that Phillips made sure board dotted their Is and crossed their Ts. Rayford was concerned about following rules. Says he was comfortable that they did. 

Thomas saying that Bullotta did not show the restated the articles of incorporation. Bullotta objects that Thomas is leading witness. Judge sustains. 

Witness agrees that articles would have been revised around the time Kwame was running for mayor. 

Witness says date of July 2001 sounds right. 

Rayford says that he wasn't told that anyone working for non-profit could not extract a wage. 

Thomas mentioning check for Center for Yoga and Relaxation in 2003. 

Looking at summary for total Civic Funds alleged to be improperly used $152,095. 

Thomas saying charge of $900 for Yoga seems to be only alleged improper use for 2003. 

Witness agrees that he had trust and confidence in the way the Civic Fund was being run. 

Thomas asks if witness thinks there is anything inappropriate with yoga check. Witness has no opinions on it. 

Looking at $2,500 check for the Marvel Cheeks party at the Atheneum. Thomas seems to be arguing that Grandpa Cheeks birthday was a community function. 

Witness does not know if the Great Wold Lodge check for $1228 was reimbursed in 2008. Witness does not know. 

Thomas asking about whether he thinks Super Camp which is educational would be inappropriate. Rayford says he has no knowledge of that. 

12:00PM New witness William Wakefield Tandy. Questioned by Michael Naughton. This is the first time in the trial that Naughton questions a witness. 

Tandy has a PHD in education. he is director of the Upward Bound program at Wayne State University. Program takes first generation low income students who want to matriculate in higher education. Works mostly with young people. 

Tandy works with the Westside Cubs, a little league organization since 1957. According to the witness, "most winningest" football team that teaches "God, books and ball." 

Witness says that on a typical day at Cabe field where they play, they have more people come to watch than at a high school game. 

Says they have won national championships in the last few years and have won scholarships as a result.