Witness describing large ballroom where it took place. Witness saying guests gave donations and gifts. Tandy says he gave $100. 

"I was trying to give $10 but gave $100," says the witness. 

12:27AM US Attoney Eric Doeh questions Tandy. 

Doeh asks if he knew that the Civic Fund used the Westside Cubs to solicit donations. Witness not aware of that. 

Looking at solicitation letter from KCF which mentions the Westside Cubs. This letter was from 2007. Others were sent in 2006 and 2008 as well. 

Doeh says that in all but one year that the Westside Cubs received donations the Kilpatrick children played in the league. Witness believes it was 2 years. 

Doeh done. For some reason Thomas exited the room. 

12:31PM Naughton questions. 

Before stepping down from the stand, Tandy tells the courtroom "We still need donations." 

Courtroom laughs. 

12:33PM Five minute break.

12:38PM New witness. Younger, attractive black female. 

She is sworn in. This is Kizzi Montgomery. 

"For all those who have not read Alex Haley's book," says Thomas about Roots. 

Worked for Kwame after he won mayoral election in 2001. Started working in January 2002. Worked in Constituent Relations, took complaints about city services. Lasted 3 months before being promoted to community relations would talk about mayor and his agenda. That job lasted a year and a half. At the time, Karen Dumas was head of Community Relations. She worked on the 11th floor. 

She worked on the executive side of the 11th floor. 

After, she worked in communications. It was her job to advance mayor at all public events and would write his talking points for those events. She was about 25 at the time. 

Put a briefing booklet together for Kwame for public events. she would get to events 30 minutes prior to Kwame's arrival to make sure everything was in place. 

Sometimes traveled with the EPU whose function at the time was to determine what entrance the mayor should come through. 

Witness says mayor traveled with EPU half the time. 

Montgomery says the mayor's days were very busy from 7AM until 8PM. Agrees it was not 5 day weeks- 6 or 7 day weeks. 

Says she worked with coordinator to make sure that mayor was properly placed in the program. Did lots of logistics work. 

Witness says she had limited media interaction. 

Witness says she had this position for about 2 years and during this time was at most public events that occurred. She reported to the Communications Director who reported to a cabinet officer. While witness worked with mayor, he had about 25 department directors and about 10 cabinet members. 

Thomas asks about gifting in the office. witness says yes, there were several occasions throughout the year, mostly birthdays and Christmas. Says: "Donations were expected."