Says at the beginning, they were asked to donate $20 to $25. The last donation she recalls giving was $100 in 2006. 

Montgomery says she currently works for mayor Bing, she is government relations. 

Witness not aware what other employees donated. Knows what colleagues she was close to gave. 

Montgomery says that at the time she gave $100 and that directors were asked for $500 and cabinet members were asked for $1000. this occurred at Christmas and at the mayor's birthday. 

Looking at the Splash of Red birthday invite again. Montgomery says she was present at the party in the Atheneum. Recalls a lot of people being there. 

Witness recalls Don Barden requesting gifts at the party. Recalls Barden saying that he was giving but can't recall an amount. Remembers it being substantial and was encouraging others to give gifts. 

Montgomery says that Kwame never asked her for a gift. Agrees that the request came from others. Witness believes this happened for birthday and Christmas as just a gift for those occasions. 

"A sign of affection for the mayor," asks Thomas. 

"Sure," replies the witness. 

12:54PM US Attorney Mark Chutkow questions. 

Witness agrees that  Kwame's cousin Nneka Cheeks collected the gifts. Also agrees that some employees complained about said gifts. 

witness says that in the 6 years she worked for him, Kwame never came to say that she didn't have to give a gift. 

Witness says that her first starting salary was $32,000. She was giving $25 to $50 twice a year for Kwame gifts. 

Montgomery says that one year Kwame bought staff $50 Target cards for birthdays. 

Chutkow pints out that was once but over 6 years she gave cash gifts twice a year. 

Witness remembers a Rolex watch and golf vacation being purchased for the mayor. 

12:57PM Thomas asks if witness recalls Rolex watch costing $22,000. 

"That's a beautiful watch. You cared for your boss," says Thomas. Witness agrees. 

Montgomery agrees that Kwame cared for his employees and treated them well. 

12:58PM Witness steps down. Judge dismisses jury for the weekend. 

Court reconvenes Monday at 9AM.

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