We’re set for another day of testimony in the federal corruption trial of former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, his father Bernard Kilpatrick and contractor Bobby Ferguson.

Glad we’re in early this morning.

The judge has pulled all attorneys into chambers to handle a motion. If she addresses this in open court, I’ll let you know what it’s about. 

Meantime, Kwame Kilpatrick again is making news via Twitter.

Wednesday night, he wrote that he thwarted a break-in on this mother’s street where he is staying. 

KWame breaking tweet

Here’s what Kilpatrick posted and his response when he was asked if he called Detroit police: 

KwameKilpatrick : No Way! The police would book me for sure. 

So, if the story is true and Kilpatrick did not call the police, you’ll know who to thank if your home in that area is burglarized this morning.

Kilpatrick made news on Twitter about a month ago where he basically testified on his own behalf with a “tweet” during the “Kilpatrick defense fund” phase of the trial.

Kilpatrick “tweeted” that the fund “was never a political fund” and wasn’t subject to the laws being talked about that week in court.

He also sent out a tweet two weeks ago after a break, calling the trial “bull excrement.”

There are no cameras allowed in Federal Court, and in this case, that’s a shame.

This trial has been fascinating from day one and it’s too bad the public can’t see it unless they come down to the courthouse to watch.

A few people mentioned to me yesterday how “dry” Wednesday’s testimony was and I had to disagree.

It was pretty clear that Kilpatrick and Ferguson’s defense team had a big day pushing back on earlier testimony from one of the government’s key witnesses. 

For days the jury heard from the head of Lakeshore Toltest here in Detroit.

Avinash Rachmale is the head of that company and his start-up has exploded into a multi-million dollar enterprise and he owes so much of his company’s growth to the city of Detroit and all of the water works contracts his company won. 

However, Rachmale was called to testify because he admits he played along with Bobby Ferguson, saying he gave Ferguson no-work jobs and added him to high paying contracts to Lakeshore won to Lakeshore would continue getting multi-million dollar contracts. This made Lakeshore incredibly successful. 

Yet, yesterday we heard from the deputy director of Detroit Water and Sewerage who was in charge of contracts when Ferguson and Kilpatrick were allegedly running their enterprise.

Defense attorneys asked Darryl Latimer if Lakeshore had a few “friends” in the department who were trying to steer contracts to Lakeshore, and Latimer said they most certainly did, indicating that for some contractors with engineers as friends, the fix was in. 

This doesn’t mean that Ferguson and Kilpatrick are not guilty of crimes, but it does show that even though Detroit was winning “clean water awards,” the culture of DWS was rather dirty.  

Also, before we start there is a flyer hanging in the hallway here reporting sad news.

You get to know the security guards who check you into the courthouse each day and one of those guards suddenly passed away Thanksgiving day.