Kwame Kilpatrick served with 14 parole violations, headed back to jail

Michigan Department of Corrections says Kilpatrick failed, inaccurately reported thousands of dollars

Published On: Jan 30 2013 04:47:21 PM EST   Updated On: Jan 25 2013 06:42:48 PM EST

Kwame Kilpatrick is going back to jail.

The Michigan Department of Corrections said Kilpatrick was served Thursday night with 14 parole violation charges at his mother’s Detroit home -- where he is currently staying while on trial for federal corruption charges.

In December, Kilpatrick was seen at a store collecting a $2,000 money order from a Chicago pastor.

He is required to report gifts and other income as a condition of his parole.

An investigation turned up 13 more violations of hiding cash gifts or incidents of misleading the parole department.

In 2008, Kilpatrick was ordered to pay $1 million to Detroit as part of a conviction for lying under oath in a police whistleblower case. He still owes the city more than $800,000.

Officials have expressed concern that Kilpatrick is hiding assets that could be applied toward the restitution he owes.

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--Kwame Kilpatrick outside of federal court Friday morning

MDOC Spokesman Russ Marlan said Kilpatrick declined a formal parole violation process and instead opted to serve three days behind bars.

Kilpatrick reported to the Detroit Reentry Center Friday afternoon he is to be striped searched and his expensive wardrobe traded in for a prisoners uniform.

"He took the licks here, and we are going to make sure that the parole officer, the parole department are getting all the information that we can provide," said Kilpatrick's attorney Todd Flood.

Watch: Todd Flood talks about Kwame's current situation.

Kilpatrick will be released from custody early Monday.

Previous jail time:

Kilpatrick previously went to jail for one day as mayor on a bond violation for leaving the country without permission.

Then he was sent to jail for 99 days after he resigning as mayor and pleading guilty to perjury for lying under oath about his affair with Christine Beatty.

When he got out of jail, Kilpatrick moved out of state to put his family up in a mansion in upscale South Lake, Texas.

Charges against Kilpatrick:

Kilpatrick placed on tether earlier this month

Kilpatrick was put on a tether as punishment for failing to report a $2,000 gift.In a video taken from inside a Chesterfield Township Walmart on Dec. 11, Kilpatrick is seen counting cash from a money order. He kept $800 dollars from that money order and he sent $1,200 to another Walmart in Texas.

Will $2,000 send Kilpatrick back to prison?

Typically, a parolee getting a money order would not be no big deal. But under Kilpatrick's parole conditions, he must report all income and gifts.

--Kilpatrick was seen counting cash inside a Chesterfield Township Walmart on December 11th

The money came from a Chicago pastor named Corey Brooks. "We gave him a gift we got a letter he requested help. He was one of many people we helped for Christmas," said Brooks in a phone interview.