Blast thing for today you have to call Lou and give ok for Karl to deal with electrical in June."

Another text message:

Bernard to Miller: "Time to call Lou on the Karl deal exactly like maintenance."

Another text message between Bernard and Miller on January 25, 2003:

Bernard “What happened to the email brother. Karl is getting real nervous...I think Tuesday is the deadline...calls him at reassure...."

Bernard: "Did you hook carl up with the cob stuff"

Miller: "Lou never...

Bernard:" Cool. They told me he sent the letter."

January 28th 2003 between Bernard and Miller:

Bernard: "Did you hook up the deal at cob today?"

January 31st, Feb 1st and 2nd again between miller and Bernard:

Miller: "I have a meeting with Lou on Monday. Just like I thought this guy never sent a letter. He wants to talk in person."

Bernard: "That's strange he told Karl he sent it to you. Congratulations...."

Miller: "Thanks I will check on it... Lous is shifty."

Bernard: "Cool."

February 3rd 2003 text exchange:

Bernard: "Make sure he leaves the office with the letter..."

Miller: "Yes"

February 5th 2003 there is a letter from Lou Pavledes to Karl Kado approving the electrical services contract. so 2 days after the last email Kado gets the contract

Looking at Kwame's calendar page from Friday April 11th 2003. Meeting at 6pm with Karl Kado.

Another one of Kwame's calendar page's on Saturday, August 9th 2003. At 3pm the former mayor had a 15 minute appointment for Jessica Kado, Karl's daughter, graduation from med school.

Text message involving Karl Kado and Kwame. January 14th 2004. This is from Megan Pitts, staffer in mayor's office: "Mr. mayor Mr. Kado just called you. He missed your call."

January 23rd 2004. another staffer, Samara Bradley texts mayor: "Karl Kado (his cell #)"

Beeckman says he investigated Kado himself. Kado has already been sentenced and there are no pending charges.

9:46AM Kado never told Beckman that he hired Bernard as a consultant.